With so much to do (and, in most cases, so little time to get things done), you’ll fund that many steps need to be implemented- you have to get moving supplies like tape and bubble wrap. You still need to worry about our work, finding the correct type of moving service to help you out, and much more.

However, one primary concern for people moving is guaranteeing their valuable materials’ safety. People who move do so with their things, and there is always the possibility that these items will get damaged or lost along the way.

So, to help protect against this, here are five steps that you can take:

1. Keep your move on the down-low


To ensure the safety of yourself and all of your valuables, it is always better if you don’t announce to so many people that you’re moving (or where you’re going to). Unfortunately, many people post stuff like these on social media, exposing them to massive security risks.

Now that social media platforms have been synchronized. You don’t know who could view your posts. You might think it’s just a few friends or followers seeing your moves, but there are times when these posts are seen by people you’ve never met.

So, wait until you’ve moved and settled in before showing off your move.

2. Tracking can help


With this option, you don’t have much stress; you have to get a tiny tracking device and tuck it into one of your shipping boxes. Then, you can monitor your items and keep tabs on their movement.

However, make sure to do your research before getting a tracker. Different options come with other ranges, so be sure what you’re buying.

3. Checkup with insurance


It is always recommended that you check in with your insurance provider to ascertain the items and incidents covered by your current insurance policy.

If you are moving with precious items, you might want to ensure that all of these items are covered by your insurance company. Companies offer various insurance packages, so take the time you need to evaluate which plan and company will be best for you.

Expo Movers, by the way, is a fully insured and licensed moving company.

4. Keep small valuables with you always


The small valuables here include jewelry, valuable documents, medicine, etc. You can easily ensure that these small pieces are always with you instead of getting them put inside moving boxes and traveling with your moving service. Put them all in a designated bag and carry them if you’re worried about their safety.

However, if you decide to keep these things inside a safe, you can also have that safe travel with you and not the professional movers. For example, you can purchase a locked container with a key and place some valuable stuff inside such a container. No stress, no fuss whatsoever.

5. Use bubble wrap

bubble wrap

For moving valuable materials, bubble wrap will have to be your friend. It will go a long way in preventing damage to your most valuable items by acting as a protective tool that will absorb any shock from the collision.

For all of their efficiency, moving companies can easily have issues while on the road. Even a truck’s motion on the road causes pressure, and anything can happen to your valuable materials. To protect them, bubble wrap would come in handy. You can always count on bubble wrap for the extra peace of mind that comes with knowing that your stuff is moderately safe.

While you will need to worry about a lot of stuff whenever you’re moving out of your place, following these steps will ensure you stay safe and your valuables.

The Safe Moving Checklist

Still, to move safely, specialized tools could help make things much more manageable.
Some of them include the following:

Shipping boxes

moving boxes

Of course, shipping boxes are necessary. Apart from acting as containers for all your items, these will best show that your moving task is more straightforward and that your items aren’t damaged. In addition, shipping boxes will help keep your stuff organized, reducing the possibility of losing anything.

Ziploc bags


Ziploc bags will need to be with you while you move. With clear Ziploc bags, you can take items that are- in some way or the other- related and keep them together.

Put these items together in the bag, have the bag labeled, and carefully store it inside a moving box. This way, you will find it much easier to find your items when you’re settling in.

Protective plastic wrap


Also known as bubble wrap, protective plastic wrap will help you move your furniture and other valuable items effectively.

Movers use bubble wrap to offer some much-needed protection to your items. Various things can be wrapped with them, and an added benefit that they come with is that they work without leaving any waste or residue.

Zip ties

zip ties

When it’s time for you to move, you’ll be thankful that you have one of these. Tying items together will make setting up more manageable when you move into your new place.

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