Most landlords in NYC expect a renter to earn about 40 times the monthly rent cost as an annual salary. That means a studio in Manhattan at $2,300 per month would require an income of nearly $100,000.

When you don’t make that much money, a guarantor earning 80 times the price of rent is necessary for the lease – and some require even more people to get involved if that person lives outside the region.

How do you manage all of the rules and expectations of the NYC rental market? These apartment-finding apps and websites are an excellent start.

List of the Best NYC Apartment Finding Apps and Websites

1. StreetEasy

This site is a listings aggregator that tracks rentals and sales in the city. It lets you find results based on square footage, location, amenities, fees, and several other options.

2. Zumper

You can search by the price range, amenities, neighborhood, and the number of bedrooms on this platform when looking for an apartment. The user interface provides the newest listings first. You can find spaces without a broker’s fee, schedule tours, and track rental trends across the five boroughs with only a couple of clicks.

3. Renthop

Users can see when new apartments get listed in real-time when using this app. It gives you a link to directly contact the listing agent if something comes up that you want to consider. The software produces a score for each rental that takes the landlord’s reputation and other factors to see if you’re getting a decent deal.

4. Naked Apartments

You can find broker reviews here, making it easier to find the right people with whom to work. It gives you the option to search by fees or through no-fee apartments with easy-to-read listings and daily email notifications. This app lets you speak with landlords and brokers anonymously until you are ready to apply.

5. Roomi

This app is an excellent choice for those wanting a somewhat flexible lease. You can find something other than a 12-month rental when searching, with several safety mechanisms in place to ensure you find the right relationship. In-app payment and background checks are both standards. It allows you to search by the price, neighborhood, lease length, and more.

6. Listings Project

You can search for new apartment listings through this website or take advantage of the weekly email blast with further information. It is one of the oldest information suppliers in NYC, beginning in 2003 to provide data to those looking for homes. The team sends out an individual email to everyone interested in listing an apartment to weed out the managers and brokers so that both parties can make a positive connection.

7. Localize city

This website provides information about the neighborhoods where the apartments are listed for rent or sale. When you find a spot you’d like to live in, the address search can let you know what transit options are available nearby. It even provides a picture of the schools in the area and other pertinent data about your new home.

8. HotPads

You can find plenty of cheap rooms for rent when using this app. It also lists any new apartments or listings that come onto the market. You’ll see a steady stream of listings come along each day while removing the ones that are no longer available. It is one of the few excellent options that include income-restricted homes and sublets.

9. Triplemint

This website is for renters who want personalized services and pre-market access to a potential listing. You gain access to a map that lets you see how many apartments are available in each neighborhood, but users must sign up with an account to view details about each property.

10. RoomZoom

This website is the place to go when you are looking for a potential roommate. You get matches based on your living habits and overall budget by answering a series of questions like a dating website. Once you submit the information, the site provides a ranked list of potential people to contact about a home.

Finding a new place to live in NYC can be tough. It is especially challenging for people to come here for the first time. Finding a home becomes a little less daunting when you have access to the best apartment-finding apps and websites.

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By Published On: June 12, 2020Categories: Real Estate