Change isn’t easy. We often resist the urge to do something different from our usual routine, even if that means life would be easier with something new.

The comfort we feel through those routines has enough value that any changes we contemplate must offer something bigger and better.

Moving is one of those events that cause trepidation. No one likes packing boxes, loading trucks, or disassembling furniture. When you’ve established home, it feels comfortable and inviting. Who wants to leave that place?

You can also tell it is time to move because of the following signs. If you experience any of the following circumstances, it might be time to start writing the next chapter of your life.

1. You Aren’t Connected to Your Community


Humans are social creatures. That’s why the COVID pandemic was such a struggle for so many people. We all need to feel connected to where we live because that bond creates a sense of belonging.

Those emotional attachments are what turn houses, apartments, and condos into homes.

People and places change as the year’s pass. Even if you felt connected before, those circumstances can evolve into something that doesn’t feel comfortable. When you feel estranged, it’s probably time to move.

2. You Don’t Have Any Roots


Homes offer some remarkable clues that say it is time to move if you pay attention to them. Most people experience a lack of energy or enthusiasm for renovating or decorating if they don’t want to stay where they are.

When you aren’t invested in the present, it’s much easier to focus on the future.

If your goal is to make a house easier to sell or find ways to get out of a lease, it’s probably time to consider moving. If you want to get more enjoyment and comfort out of your home, staying could be the better choice.

3. Everything Says You Should Go


When something isn’t right, the signs provided by fate or the universe are always there to see. It’s up to you to determine what the message means.

You might get a job offer, but then the employer rescinds it. Something happens at your home that makes life a little uncomfortable.

It might be hard to make friends because your neighbors decide they don’t want to get to know you. Maybe you moved into your first apartment, and the air conditioning unit died.

When these hints start adding up, it might be a relief to consider moving to a different city. That’s when it makes sense to begin looking for professional movers, saving some cash, or talking to real estate agents about selling.

4. The Efforts to Stay Are Unsuccessful

giving up

When people sense that something isn’t working, they try to work harder to make things feel normal, safe, or comfortable. We want to give each person, neighborhood, and community the benefit of the doubt.

If you try to forge connections unsuccessfully, it feels like you’re trying to force something together that wasn’t meant to be. Everything seems to miss the mark.

When your attempts to stay or keep a relationship strong are unsuccessful, that information lets you know it is time to go.

5. You Think About Living Somewhere Else

next to the beach

It is only natural to think about living somewhere else if your current situation leaves you feeling unhappy and unfulfilled. Although you might not have an idea of what to expect in the future, you know that the present cannot continue with its status quo.

Moving to a new community involves a lot of risks. You might even find yourself in a place that feels worse than where you are now! If you’re trying to figure out what to do, the best action to take is to eliminate all the distractions. Tap into what you need to have a place that feels like home.

Can you create that feeling where you are now? If not, that’s a sign that it is time to relocate to a new place.

Are You Ready to Make a Move?

moving happy

When people feel stuck, life can get miserable. Although moving might not be your first choice, it could be the decision that makes everything better.

Relocation lets you embrace hope while creating new plans that can lead to greater happiness!

If you need help planning a move, our team is here to help. Whether you’re looking at a new neighborhood or something in a different state, we can get your belongings there quickly and safely. Reach out today to let us know what you’re thinking so that we can work together to get you back on the road to success.

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By Published On: September 16, 2021Categories: Coronavirus, Moving Tips, Real Estate