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Moving to Chicago from New York City

From the hustle of NYC to the city of Chicago, this is a huge lifestyle change and the one thing you need to consider with this move is the kind of distance required so you might need some expert help.

When you start to organize making the big move from New York, you want to first organize everything you want to take with you on your next adventure.

The first decision you need to make is whether you do it yourself or use a professional.

Do it yourself

DIY is the cheapest way when moving a long distance, but of course, there are some cons with doing this. If you haven’t done it yourself and have no experience it can be unpleasant. From broken and damaged household items to the mental and physical stress of moving itself, sometimes it is easier to call in a professional.

However, if you wish to move, buying durable boxes and the right packing materials can make it a lot easier and cost effective.

Professional experience

You may decide it is easier to use professionals to help you move to Chicago. If you do, make sure you prepare by cleaning out anything you don’t need to lighten the load of what you take. When moving states it is also important to take photos of everything you are taking, label the boxes so you know what is in them and dismantle any furniture to make more space in the van.

If you decide to choose a professional you need to decide what type of move you want to choose, including:

  • Consolidate the move: this is a cheaper option because you share your belongings in the truck with other people. Depending on the location, 10 working days is usually the most accurate time frame;
  • Dedicated truck: if you need to move urgently, an exclusive move will allocate a truck for you and your belongings will be moved quicker.

Organizing for moving


So you may have decided to make the move from Chicago to New York less stressful and went with the professional, so we have a few easy tasks for you to do to make sure everything runs smoothly:

  • Write a checklist of everything you need to do and pack
  • Find a company who will help you make your relocation a smooth process
  • Start packing what will go in the truck and what you will take yourself
  • Finding a professional

Now the next step is finding the professional to help you. This can be a tricky process, but we can make the job so much easier. Expo Movers is the ones for you! At Expo Movers Moving and Storage we have loads of experience organizing long distance moves like from New York to Chicago.

With Expo Movers, we take the stress out of long-distance moves and help make the transition easy and carefree. We know what you need and as an insured and licensed moving company we have the knowledge and services to help you with a few stand out features:

  • Loads of 5-star reviews on Yelp and other rating services
  • Years of experience in long-distance moves including New York to Chicago
  • Reliable, trustworthy services
  • Competitive prices

We will be with you every step of the way to help you efficiently move and with our estimator calculator, we can quote your move before we even put the first piece of furniture in our truck. Our levels of services also provide storage facilities so you can keep your possessions safe and secure for as long as you need.

Contact us today for a free quote on your big Chicago move!

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