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Local moving is a relocation on a short distance that is carried out within a city or within a 60-mile radius of your current location.

How Much Do Movers Cost for the Local Move?

When it comes down to the estimate, we have a very simple and affordable solution. We calculate our services based on the distance as the well-estimated amount of cubic feet. Simply use our Moving Calculator or request in-house specialist to estimate and provide an accurate price for your upcoming relocation.

Expo Movers is one of the best NYC Moving Companies.

All members of our staff have extensive experience in moving services, which is very important for the competent relocation of things. Our team carefully handle furniture, fragile items, household appliances, and equipment.

During the process of relocation, our movers can do the following:

  • disassembleDisassemble, dismantle, and/or assemble various structures
  • packing materialsCarefully pack all your items using modern packing materials
  • furnitureArrange the furniture in a new apartment or a house.
  • belongingsLoad and unload your belongings

Local Movers in New York


Specialists of our company in New York have all the necessary skills and can carefully disassemble furniture or equipment for greater compactness and reliability during transportation, and then quickly and efficiently assemble all things at the place of arrival.

With us, the whole process will be easy and comfortable for you. Every specialist in our company listens to any of your wishes and recommendations and considers them when dealing with your things.

Our company always follow the reviews left by the clients about our company to improve the services we are providing. We individually approach every customer tactfully explaining all the details and giving tips on how to plan your move. We tell about all the aspects of the required work and offer the best affordable solution.

Upon completion of loading, our movers remove all the residual garbage, which also saves time for customers.

Thus, if you are searching for a local mover in your area Expo Movers is ready to offer you cheap relocation services with experienced movers. Contact us to find out all the details. We guarantee that our prices will pleasantly surprise you.


Services of Local Moving Companies in NYC

Our local moving company provides a full range of services necessary to quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively carry out any residential relocations. We will help you move around New York City or within the state, regardless of the complexity of your move. Everything will be performed at a high professional level. Knowledge, experience, and responsible attitude to work are inherent features of our specialists. They can be entrusted with the most difficult and non-standard tasks. Expo Movers is always ready to vouch for this and financially responsible for the client’s movable property. We have everything necessary to realize a cheap apartment move quickly and efficiently:
  • truckOwn vehicle fleet
  • qualityQualified personnel
  • packModern packing materials
  • maintenanceA necessary set of tools for disassembly and dismantling of furniture
  • teamSpecial gear, devices, and mechanisms for relocating and securing cargo.

We can organize your apartment move at affordable prices, thanks to our own vehicle fleet and a high-quality logistics system. If you are looking for a reliable moving company near me, we are your best option. We offer a wide range of services that include:

  • dismantleAssistance with drawing up a plan
  • detailsDismantle of furniture, household equipment, and interior items
  • boxesPacking all your belongings and furniture details
  • cargoChoosing the right vehicle for transportation of your things
  • seatLoading and secure fixing of cargo in the body of the truck
  • stopwatchIn the appointed time, your things will be delivered to the destination
  • transportUnloading of the truck
  • teamworkAssemble furniture and arrange things in accordance with your requirements.
  • thermometerPossibility to rent climate-controlled storage facilities.

Our company will qualitatively and operatively organize your apartment move while charging you affordable rates. We guarantee a strict observance of the terms and safety of your property. Reviews about our work speak about our reliability and responsibility.

local movers

Local Moving with Expo Movers

Our staff will help you solve the most difficult issues related to the relocation to your new home. The whole process consists of the following stages:

  • Preliminary evaluation of the work. We offer free moving quotes so you will know in advance how much it will cost you to move.
  • Planning. Our managers will carefully plan all the stages of the process to quickly and safely carry out the move.
  • Preparation of things for transportation. This includes a careful packing of small, large, and fragile items, as well as disassembly of furniture.
  • Transportation. Our movers will gently load and unload your things. Our high-class drivers will safely transport your items to the destination in a specially equipped truck, which guarantees that your things will be delivered intact.
  • Arranging furniture in a new apartment. Our specialists will unpack your items, assemble the furniture, and place it where it belongs.

Cooperation with us gives you the following advantages:

  • Conscientious implementation of commitments. We carry out the work in the specified terms with the observance of all your requirements and wishes.
  • Affordable prices.
  • A large fleet of vehicles, qualified personnel, special equipment, and packing materials required for the efficient implementation of your move.

Order the services of our moving company and see for yourself that we can organize an apartment move in your area saving you from issues and all the hassle.

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