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Expo Movers and Storage is one of the best New York moving companies. And we have the reviews to prove it! Receive a comprehensive quote guaranteed within minutes.

Real Moves, Real Stories: Our Customers Speak!

At Expo Movers and Storage, we don’t just move boxes – we move stories, memories, and dreams. But don’t just take our word for it! Listen to these heartwarming testimonials from our satisfied customers who trusted us with their precious belongings. Their experiences are our best endorsements.

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Since 2016, Expo Movers has been a top choice for stress-free, affordable NYC relocations. We guarantee a transparent moving day with flat-rate pricing for all your local and long-distance moving needs. Our NYC Moving Company services include packing, unpacking, and long-term storage solutions. Whether you’re moving apartments in Queens or relocating your office to Manhattan, our professional movers are dedicated to a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Moving within the Big Apple? Navigate NYC’s hustle and bustle with our specialized local moving services. Dive into city-savvy solutions tailored for you.

From the heart of NYC to anywhere across the country, embark on your journey with confidence. Explore our dedicated long-distance moving solutions, ensuring every mile is covered.

NYC space at a premium? Secure your belongings with our city-centric storage solutions, perfect for those in-between moments or long-term needs.

Make your business transition in the city skyline seamless. Discover how we simplify office relocations in the fast-paced world of NYC.

Packing for a city move? Experience our NYC-tailored packing services, ensuring your items are secure, compact, and ready for the city streets.

Unexpected NYC move? We’ve got your back. Find out how we tackle last-minute challenges head-on, with the city’s rhythm in mind.

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What is Included in Your Flat-Rate Quote?

All the services listed below are provided at no additional cost to you. With us, you can expect zero hidden charges or last-minute surprises.

  • Wardrobe Essentials: Securely hung and stored in our exclusive Expo Movers Boxes wardrobe boxes.
  • High-End Electronics: Your Smart & Flat-screen TVs are shielded and housed in dedicated LCD/plasma/LED boxes.
  • Artistic Treasures: Paintings are protected either in durable cardboard or custom picture crates, while Small Art Sculptures find safety in robust cardboard containers.
  • Mirrored Pieces: Standard-sized mirrors are safely enclosed in tailored cardboard packaging.
  • Tech Gear: Computers are wrapped, ensuring safety and flat placement in specialized boxes, and other Electronics are bundled with cables and then stored safely in cardboard.
  • Luminaries: Lamps, with their shades removed and wrapped, are comfortably placed in dedicated lamp boxes.
  • Couches & Chairs: Wrapped securely in moving blankets and reinforced with tape.
  • Mattresses: Encased in protective plastic wrapping for added safety.
  • Tables: Carefully disassembled with glass parts crated in cardboard and other parts wrapped in blankets.
  • Armoires: Disassembled and doubly wrapped in blankets for optimal protection.
At Expo Movers and Storage, we pride ourselves on transparency. Your flat fee price encompasses all travel and labor expenses, ensuring you encounter no unexpected costs on moving day. This includes any travel-associated charges like tolls, fuel and labor.

Every item we disassemble at the pickup location will be expertly reassembled upon arrival at your destination, ensuring a seamless transition for your belongings.

  • Modern Fleet: Most of our moving trucks are fresh on the road, being less than 3 years old.
  • Expert Carpenters Onboard: Capable of on-the-spot repairs and restorations.
  • TV Services: We offer both mounting and unmounting for your screens.
  • Skilled Movers: Every member of our team graduates from our in-house moving academy, ensuring top-tier expertise.
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