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Storage Services

Expo Movers provides climate-controlled storage services to ensure your belongings receive the protection they deserve. You can rest assured that our professionalism and world-class customer service manage your unique situation.

Convenient Moving and Storage Services in NYC


Expo Movers is a full-service moving company that proudly serves New York City and the surrounding region. Our affordable storage options can be an essential component of your relocation efforts or a standalone service for those times when you need a little extra space.

We provide secure, climate-controlled storage facilities that are well-suited to all residential and commercial needs. Each storage unit comes equipped with a modern security system. We also maintain the optimal temperature and humidity levels to even store archival documents effectively by implementing the best practices of the storage industry.

Our accessible, convenient service can safely transfer furniture, specialty items, and belongings that require a white-glove approach to our facility. We can pack your belongings to prepare them for storage as an additional service. Then we can transport the items to our storage facility and deliver them back to you on a timetable that works for your relocation itinerary.

It’s the ideal solution for short- and long-term storage needs.

Temporary or Permanent Storage Services in NYC

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Did you purchase new furniture for a home that isn’t move-in ready yet? Then temporary storage using a climate-controlled facility can maintain the quality of your investment. Expo Movers can provide a storage solution for homeowners who need to remove furniture as part of the showing process. We can hold your items for up to 90 days using this service.

If you expect your professional storage needs in NYC to exceed 90 days, then our long-term facilities are a better solution. Once you agree on the process, we’ll put together a contract that details the specific services you desire to manage your belongings. When you are ready to have them returned to your home, we can deliver them to whatever address you designate.

This service is useful for those moments when you need to move quickly in NYC. Whether you’ve had a falling out with your roommate or your landlord has given you notice, this affordable solution protects the investment you’ve made into your belongings.

Benefits of Commercial Storage Services in NYC

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Residential moving services provide a simple way to manage belongings. Businesses in NYC can take advantage of this opportunity to improve productivity and declutter.

If your company isn’t using professional storage solutions, you could miss out on these benefits right now.

  • Document Storage. Most organizations must keep sensitive documents on file for several years. A climate-controlled storage unit offers another security layer while maintaining an appropriate indoor climate to preserve the information.
  • Seasonal Storage. Storage units can help businesses of any size by storing their annual inventory, equipment, or furniture. You can place decorations, patio items, dishware, and various supplies to stay organized. Some restaurants even use this option as a backup wine cellar.
  • Short-Term Storage. If your company is relocating to a new office, then professional storage services in NYC can temporarily keep your items safe during this process. You can store computers, file cabinets, décor, and more using this service.

Expo Movers provides a full suite of commercial moving services to help your business achieve its mission, vision, and goals. Contact us today for a no-obligation estimate for the services you require to see how affordable it can be to stay organized.

What to Expect with Storage Services from Expo Movers

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Our team takes a straightforward approach to the professional storage services you require. You’ll receive a direct liaison that works with you to determine the amount of space necessary for your belongings. We will also determine the packing materials, storage containers, and the logistics of hauling your items to our climate-controlled facilities.

This process is how we calculate the exact cost of our storage services in NYC. We provide a free quote for services to every customer so that you can decide if the price is competitive and affordable in a no-pressure environment.

Once you agree to the terms, our professional team will come to your specific address at the time requested. We can dismantle any equipment or furniture as needed to ensure everything gets packed on the truck safely and securely. Then we transport all of the items to our facility.

When you are ready to have the items returned, our delivery services will transport them to your designated address.

Your belongings are safe with Expo Movers. We use our experience to ensure that every step is taken to make your move as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

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