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If you are looking for a secure moving and storage company, Expo Movers storage services have you covered. Excellent customer service and professionalism are guaranteed.


Finding a Reliable Moving and Storage Company

Expo Movers is your professional assistant in moving and storage services. We are a team of true professionals whose skills and experience are aimed at ensuring that you are satisfied with the result of the planned move. We know how to organize a removal and storage process efficiently.


Moving and Storage Services for All Types of Moves

We are a full-service moving company and we can provide movers with affordable storage options that are a part of the moving services we offer.

Secure storage of furniture and belongings during the move is an accessible and convenient service for those whose new home or office space is not ready for living or work. We will provide storage at the time of moving to store your furniture and other things. In addition, our specialists will be able to deliver the necessary packing materials so you could prepare your belongings for storage. Or we can prepare your property for storage for you, transport it to a storage facility, and later deliver it to your new office or apartment.

Our storage units are equipped with modern security systems. They maintain the optimum temperature and humidity so the contents of your boxes won’t be ruined. The units are ideal both for long-term and short-term storage of office equipment, archival documents, personal items, furniture, etc.


Storage Space for Residential Moves

If you’re going through the process of relocation but your new residence is not ready yet or you need some extra storage space while selling your previous home, we can help you. We offer specialized storage services that are the best solution when dealing with moving challenges.

We will take care of your belongings at our secure storage/locker facilities as part of the moving process. Your things will be on-site until your apartment or house is ready for you to bring them in.

Our storage facilities are characterized by the following:

  • thermometerOptimal temperature and humidity levels

  • warehouseLarge storage capacity

  • truckAvailability of special storage equipment

  • securityStorage security

  • parkingParking lots and convenient exits


While Moving, Storage Is the Best Option

There are many reasons why you may need to use storage services during your local moving. No matter what your situation is, we can provide you with many flexible storage solutions to cater to your needs. When you need permanent or temporary storage for your things, we are the company you can rely on.

When you need to choose the best value self-storage, you need to consider a lot of factors. Of course, you care about your possessions and that is why we are committed to storing your things reliably and safely. Our goal is to provide you will full-service moving and storage solutions that perfectly fit your needs.


Permanent and Temporary Storage

If you bought new furniture but your place is not ready for you to move in yet, temporary storage is the best option. We can also offer you storage for furniture that you need to take out of your house when marketing it. If you keep your belongings in a storage facility for more than 90 days, we will transfer them to permanent storage.


The Process of Storing Things with Expo Movers

After you order storage services, our manager will determine the space required to store your stuff, the packing materials and household storage containers the things need to be packed in, the type of a truck, and the number of movers who will deliver your possessions to our storage facility. Then, we’ll calculate the exact cost of the services. We also offer free moving and storage quotes to let you know about the price before you decide anything.
  • If you agree with the price, we conclude a contract for the provision of storage services.
  • At the agreed time, our professional movers will come to your specified address and dismantle furniture and equipment, pack them in high-quality packing materials, load things into the truck or portable container, and transport them to our storage places.
  • Your things can be stored in our facilities for as long or short as you need. Once you’re ready to take your things back, we will deliver them wherever you need them.


Moving and Storage for All Your Needs

Thanks to our experience and resources (secure warehouses, professional specialists, and modern technologies), we are ready to solve complex tasks related to transportation, processing, and storage of your goods. The range of our services is very wide. It ranges from dismantling and preparing things for storage to assembling and arranging furniture upon arrival.

Your moving and storage requirements will be fully taken care of when you move with Expo Movers. Our storage locations are safe and our rates are affordable. Whether you need to store your things for a month or for a longer period, you can do so hassle-free and cost-effectively with us.

Your belongings will be safe with Expo Movers. We will do everything possible to make your move as comfortable and stress-free to you as possible.

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