Moving and Storage Services in the Bronx

Anyone with a sturdy back and a reliable truck can advertise themselves as a mover. You can find family members and friends who can help you to move to a new place.

Both options can help you to enjoy an affordable moving experience.

What happens if something gets broken during the move? Does your insurance cover the lost item’s replacement cost, or are you stuck eating the value of the loss?

Professional moving services provide more services than loading and unloading a truck. At Expo Movers, our well-vetted team can provide packing, unpacking, and more while keeping a complete inventory of your items.

We are your reliable partner that can provide you with fast, excellent services with our familiarity with the Bronx. Whether you’re coming to this bureau for the first time or you’ve lived here all of your life, you will find our team brings everything you need to have a successful moving experience every time.

What Moving Services Do You Need Today?

Expo Movers is proud to deliver world-class moving services to the Bronx and the rest of NYC every day. We provide a wide variety of solutions that can help you meet virtually any need you have when relocating.

What professional moving services can our team provide for you today?

White-Glove Services

Our team will take care of your family heirlooms, fine art, and heavy items with the attention they deserve. We carefully pack and move each item according to today’s current best practices to ensure that you receive the high-quality outcome you deserve. This service provides the epitome of luxury and convenience.

Professional Storage Services

Whether you are downsizing or find yourself needing to store some items during your relocation, our professional storage services in the Bronx can provide you with an extra level of flexibility. We offer a large capacity destination with optimal temperature and humidity levels that securely and affordably take care of your belongings.

Packing and Unpacking Services

We can pack and unpack your belongings as part of your moving process so that you can delegate all of the logistics to our team. Adding this service can immediately reduce your stress and free up your valuable time to manage other needs. We can maximize the use of space to minimize this typical cost during the moving process.

Piano Moving Services

Moving an instrument like a piano is never an easy job when you’re living in the Bronx. The size and weight of the item require 2-3 people in the best of situations. If you need to move it through a window or in some other way, you may need specialized equipment. Our team will assess the situation and work with you to create a positive outcome.

You will discover that our full range of services come at a nice price. Expo Movers offers some of the most affordable rates that you can find in the Bronx and NYC. If you are ready to start moving, then we are prepared to get to work.

Commercial Moving Services in the Bronx

Our local moving services allow you to quickly plan and implement a relocation effort for residential or commercial services. We can disassemble and pack your furniture, handle sensitive equipment appropriately, and then reverse the process once we deliver your items to your new location.

We successfully plan and conduct commercial moving projects through the services of an assigned coordinator for your project. That makes it easier to manage your needs’ complex logistics because you’ll have a single point of contact to use as a reference whenever you have a question.

Even when you need to transport bulky equipment or move heavy items like a safe, our team of professional Bronx movers will create a successful result.

If you are planning a move today, then Expo Movers is here to help. Whether you have a few weeks to get the work completed or a few days to get out of your current place, our expertise can become an incredible asset. We are a reliable, affordable, hard-working team that’s ready to provide you with the help you need.

You can get a quote today by filling out the information below or by contacting us directly at your convenience