Keep Your Precious Items Safe When Moving

Expo Movers sends a representative to your home or through virtual communication to take a look at antiques that require relocation. It is the perfect time to review any valuable items, family heirlooms, and fragile porcelains headed to a new address.

If you use the professional packing services offered by us, then we will schedule a time that works with your schedule. We prepare each item for the relocation based on its unique requirements.

Although every treasure has different needs to keep it safe, we use various techniques to ensure it arrives without damage. Our crew uses double- or triple-walled containers, fine tissue, cushioning wrap, and custom framing to produce a positive outcome. We don’t start the loading process until each piece is prepared for transport and secure in its container.

Expo Movers can build custom wooden crates around specialty items to ensure the correct fit is achieved for the finest protection possible. By taking this approach to your fine art and antiques, even the most fragile pieces can get moved safely.

We Use Photography-based Inventory Controls

Proper packing and preparation effectively limit the risks associated with the transport of fine art and antiques. We also understand that you take a financial risk when relocating these items, family heirlooms, and precious porcelains to a new address.

That’s why Expo Movers uses photography-based inventory controls as another method of protection. This service assists with any insurance claim should it be necessary. It also offers evidence of the item handling and professional packing services provided through our white-glove approach to moving.

Video evidence that shows an item is operational is also available as part of the inventory process if given advanced notice of this requirement.

Our team tracks all of the essential information of each piece to ensure safe delivery. Imaging may include the serial number, model, and brand information available on these specialty items. When managing your fine art moving needs, we also take images of the copy number and signature.

Items to Keep With You When Moving


Although our professional movers in NYC can safely take care of your valuables, certain items should be kept with you during the relocation process.

  • Cash, coins, and any negotiable paper, such as stocks or bonds.
  • Prescription medication, mental records, or dental records.
  • Keys to any locked items, including a safe.
  • Essential documents, such as titles, deeds, tax records, or accounting books.

Fine jewelry is in a separate category. Our ability to move your specialty pieces depends on their overall value. Items that exceed a specific amount require a different moving process to keep them safe. Our representative can address this unique need on a case-by-case basis.

If you have items not listed here, then contact our team today to discuss your specific situation.

Providing a Safe Foundation for High-Value Items

Your priceless treasures require specific environmental supports for a successful moving experience. Our white-glove approach may handle the logistics of packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking successfully, but we also pay attention to climate and humidity during this process.

Your fine art, family heirlooms, antiques, and precious porcelains receive transport in vehicles equipped with environmental controls to ensure safe delivery. If custom wood creates are necessary for specific items, our team creates this resource on-site to limit ecological variables.

When you require art and antique storage during your relocation, Expo Movers continues to provide support. We offer temporary or long-term solutions in a climate-controlled facility that can keep your items safe.

Our fine art and antiques moving services are available for local moves within a 60-mile radius or intrastate relocation outside of that boundary. We can also provide interstate, long-distance, and cross-country moving services in this category. Our representative can work out the unique logistics required to keep your items safe in each circumstance.

If you have specialty items included as part of your move, contact Expo Movers today to discuss your circumstances. We offer the finest protection possible for each piece, including a complete photo inventory, to ensure you experience a safe, stress-free relocation.