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Claims & Complaints

We want your move to go as smoothly as possible. We handle every move with extreme care, and our movers are consummate professionals. If something should go wrong, we’re here to help. Let us know right away if something goes wrong during your move.

If something becomes damaged or missing during the move, or if you have a complaint about the service, please contact our customer service team:

By Mail: 4700 Northern Blvd, Long Insland City, NY 11101
By Phone: 212-321-3976
By Email: info@expomovers.com

You have up to 3 months to send us a claim, but we strongly recommend you let us know about the situation as soon as possible. If you notice something is wrong during the move, make a notation on the Bill of Lading, Inventory or delivery receipt at the time of delivery.

However, you can still file a claim if you notice something wrong after the delivery. Expo Movers will do the best to resolve your claim quickly and fairly. We are committed to resolving claims within 60 days from the date we receive the information.




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    I am fairly sure that every one of us wakes up on moving day wishing we could simply leave and return to find everything had magically been packed, moved, and sub sequentially unpacked for us. I am here to tell you that Saturday, I did just that. Ivan and his team are truly a dream. Planning the move, date changes, COIs and other building snafus snuck in and they were more than accommodating. Day of, I let the movers in to my old apartment around 10:00 AM, and returned to my new apartment at 3:00 PM to find a near clone of the former. The tchotchkes on my upright piano were arranged the same, the cabinets of dishes in the same order, and the TV rehung in the proper place. Few things are worse than moving, and after my experience with Expo Movers I can say that few things are better than a thorough, trustworthy moving company. I cannot say enough good things about them. I contacted them after a raving recommendation from a colleague, who had also learned of them through a referral. Jump on the hype train – you will be glad you did, and surely be sad if you didn’t come moving day.

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    Expo movers did an amazing job packing and moving my things this week! The lead mover, Adrian, started by telling me to relax and not worry because they would take care of everything for me, and they did! Not only did they do a great job moving everything, Adrian took extra time to fix a cracked piece of wood holding the mirror to my dresser, which is something people working for a large moving company would probably never do. I highly recommend Expo Movers!


    Highly recommend!!!! Ivan was in my area and came by to check out my items so I didn’t have to worry about listing everything over the phone! On the day of my move the movers came on time, were extremely careful with my belongings, friendly, and most importantly so quick/accommodating to my needs!! I called a lot of places and these guys were by far the best price!! Adrian even called after my move to make sure everything went as I expected! I’m really glad I chose them! Thanks again guys : )

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      4700 Northern Blvd, NY 11101
      Phone: 212-321-3976
      E-mail: info@expomovers.com
      Fully licensed and insured: