Make Your Move a Stress-Free Experience

Moving to a new home is one of the most stressful experiences that people have in life. At Expo Movers, our goal is to take away the anxiety in any way possible so that you can enjoy the positive aspects of this transition time.

That’s why we offer professional TV installation and mounting services for our customers in NYC. This service includes hanging your art so that your new house can feel like a home.

Even renters can benefit from this service. We follow the terms of your lease for installation and mounting so that you can maximize the return of your security deposit.

When you choose this service, our expert installers can mount your television to the drywall in your place – including above a fireplace, if you desire. After ensuring everything works as it should, we can also dress your cables and wires so that they’re neatly dressed.

We can help with your TV installation and mounting needs if you recently purchased new equipment and don’t plan to move. Our team can also help you to transition your items from one room to another if needed.

Professional Art Hanging Services

It only takes one crooked frame to ruin the entire display in your home. We know that hanging a picture is a straightforward task that the average person can complete with their DIY skills.

At Expo Movers, we also understand how frustrating it can be to spend time hanging a significant art collection. If you don’t do the work correctly, then the artwork can fall. This result can lead to wall damage and injuries.

If you have many pictures to hang on your wall or required load-bearing hardware installation, our professional art hanging services can provide the help you need. We have the tools to have every piece placed in the way you prefer. It is the perfect solution for mirrors and more when you have a busy schedule to manage.

How to Hang Pictures Without Destroying Your Walls

Placing photographs on your walls can make any place start to feel like home. Personalizing your new space creates an inviting atmosphere that helps you grow more comfortable with the updated address. If you want to tackle the chore of hanging pictures yourself, these tips can help you achieve success without destroying your walls.

  • Hang pictures at eye level. Artwork installations look more natural if you don’t need to crank your neck up or down to view each item.
  • Use a stud finder. If you have an expensive piece and a massive frame, the drywall won’t hold it up correctly. Your hardware needs to go directly into the wood for a successful installation.
  • Understand your conditions. Taking the wall type into consideration is critical for a successful experience. Drilling into brick is different than tapping a nail into sheetrock.

Then you want to mark off the places where nails are necessary, or you need to do some drilling. Use a level, ruler, or a straight-edge to ensure the sides are level before hanging your artwork. Before completing the process, mark the centerline and edges so that it feels like you’re putting in the final piece of the puzzle when you eventually hang the piece.

If you are unsure how to plan your artwork installation at home, it can help to use blank paper, cut into the size of your frames, and figure out this puzzle.

The best way to avoid wall damage is to use plastic or metal hooks that use adhesive to keep items on your walls. Make sure to remember the weight rating before using this product to hang artwork to avoid having it fall off of the wall.

Are You Ready to Complete Your Move?

Expo Movers provides an all-in-one solution for your moving needs in NYC. We can also provide long-distance services, meet your commercial needs, or handle the logistics of a cross-country relocation.

Our professional packing services are the perfect addition to the TV installation and mounting that our team provides. We take care of your possessions, disassemble the furniture if needed, and then unpack and reassemble once your belongings reach your new address. Our white-glove approach ensures that the integrity of each item is our sole focus while providing services.

Then add our art hanging services for that final touch to make your new place feel like home. If you are planning a move or need help with a new TV, contact us today to get your needs taken care of right away.