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Finding a Reliable Moving Company in New York

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Personal Experience

Finding a reliable residential and commercial property moving company in New York could be stressful due to the number of residents and the unprofessional level in which some moving company delivers their moving services. It is known that NY has approximately 8.55 million residents which makes it the 4th most populous city in the United States. I could remember how it took me days to get a standard and more dependable commercial and residential property movers company in NY.

How Did I hear about Expo Movers?

I was fortunate to have attended a friends birthday a few weeks before we moved to our new apartment. It was at the birthday party that I met Kate, an old college mate of mine who now runs a big fashion business in NY. We listed the old memories, and after a few moments, she was able to tell me how she had relocated her business to another area.

Kate further explained her outstanding experience with Expo Movers regarding how she was able to move all of her business items remotely without stress to her new location. She further explains the quick response she got the first time she contacted Expo Movers for her things to be moved conveniently. And that after few hours of reaching them, a specialist was sent to inspect the items to be moved and that was how I got a quote for the items to be moved and believe me their moving charges were cost efficient and the delivery was as scheduled.

Without delay, I immediately called Expo to enjoy the best of long distance moving service at a cheaper rate as explained by Kate. To my surprise, my residential properties were moved and delivered without any missing items at the time of checking.

I have since then recommended Expo Movers to most of my friends planning to relocate their business and home to a new location within and outside of New York.

Expo Movers is the #1 leading movers company known in NY

As a trusted moving company, they render outstanding moving service that got them positive reviews. Talk about the exceptional moving service delivery from the moment of contacting them to the stage of delivering. All of this made Expo Movers best ranked above their contemporaries.

Are you finding it difficult locating a notable and trusted mover company in NY?

With Expo Movers, you don’t have to panic as they are always ready to ensure your delivery is perfected as negotiated no matter the distance. Their mode of operation is highly professional and their Long Distance Moving service is cost effective.

In other words, Expo Movers consider reusable plastic bins for moving valuable items/properties as it eases the loading of items and further saves time. The reusable plastic bins are used to protect all of the portable items which could get lost in the process of moving. Furthermore, it eases the arrangement when loading the moved items into the provided moving Lorry.

How does Expo Movers work?

First, contact their care line and explain the moving service you want and the location. Your information is then registered, and a specialist sent the guy to inspect the items to be moved. After a few minutes of inspecting, you will be given a quote regarding what to be moved (depending on the distance and cubic feet).

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