Debunking Some Common Moving Myths that Can Hinder Your Move

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Just like any other industry, there are many moving myths that people chose to believe.

The top movers in NYC work hard to streamline the entire moving process to experience their clients positively. Unfortunately, many people end up believing in rumors and myths that cause them to pick the wrong moving company, using appropriate services, or paying higher prices than they should.

Here are some of the common misconceptions about moving that might be damaging you financially or otherwise:

Myth #1. All Moving Companies are the Same

Wrong! Hiring the wrong moving company can result in a lot of damage to your belongings, time waste, and loss of money. Even though experienced, licensed, and professional moving companies might cost a little more than your local moving company, they care for your belongings and handle them with care. Compare the services, prices, and reputation of established moving companies to ensure you are hiring the best.

Myth #2. Use Any Boxes for Moving

Not all boxes are the same, and you should avoid picking those re-usable grocery boxes for moving your belongings. Grocery boxes will tear apart if you happen to overload them with things. Also, many of these grocery boxes are contaminated and can harm your belongings by the time they reach your new home. Professional moving boxes are made of durable cardboard that can easily handle bulky items and protect fragile items from harm.

Myth #3. Expect Some Items to be Damaged during the Move

Modern moving companies have come a long way from the traditional moving companies of the past that did not care for your belongings at all. If you have hired a professional moving company, you should not worry about anything being broken or damaged during the move. Professional movers take professional care of every item to ensure that you are hiring a moving company with a good reputation and excellent reviews from its past clients.

Myth #4. Inventorying and Labelling Boxes is Not Worth the Time

If you do not inventory your possessions and label your boxes, you will regret it when it’s time for unpacking in your new home. Spending some time properly packing and labeling everything will allow your last-minute movers to know precisely which room the boxes need to be put instead of piling them all in your living room. You will also be able to prioritize which boxes contain the necessities and need to be opened first.

Myth #5 Moving is Unavoidably Stressful

We are not saying that moving will be all rainbows and sunshine, but most people believe it has to be full of disasters, stress, tears, and even meltdowns. These all might happen if the move is not properly planned and executed. Thus, it is better to invest in a good moving company who will ensure a smooth relocation, help you save time and money.

If you are looking for a stress-free move, it is best to hire Expo Movers and let the pros do what they are good at.

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