Typically, we do not have time to sort out our unused stuff. When those never re-worn dresses you bought 10 years ago start falling out of the closet, you cram them under the bed. However, there is one event that makes your so well-thought cleaning strategy ineffective, and its name is moving.

Of course, you can always pack them in trash bags and throw them into the dumpster, but we have better advice for you. ?

1. Donate

Once you have done deciding what will go with you to your new home, pack the rest and find a charity that will gladly accept the gift. Before calling them, make sure you have excluded all broken or well-worn items. Even if you think that your old clock only needs a little fixing, it is not the best thing to donate. Charities are not repaired agencies, so try to suggest things that still can be of practical use without additional financial investments.

2. Organize A Pre-Move Sale

A garage sale is another smart way to lighten the boxes you are taking with you and make some money. Of course, selling an old lamp or your kid’s toys will not earn you a fortune, but you will surely get some cash that can be used to pay the moving company carrying the rest of your property to your new place of residence.

3. Sell It Online

Those who live in a multi-story building may not have the necessary conditions, a big front yard in the first place, to organize a garage sale. Moreover, such events are rather time-consuming, meaning you will need to spend the whole day bargaining and answering the price. In this case, selling online might be the thing you have been looking for. Please take five minutes of your time to advertise all the giveaway items and sell them with a click of a mouse.

4. Recycle

To ensure your moving will not harm the environment, find out how to recycle those objects that cannot be thrown into a trash bin. As a rule, electronics like computers, TVs, and cell phones contain heavy metals such as mercury and lead, so you should take proper disposal and keep these dangerous items from the landfill.

Do some research and determine if there are any local disposal centers in your neighborhood and what objects they recycle. Depending on the center, you may be even offered minimal pay for the things you bring in for disposal, meaning that apart from benefiting the environment and community, you will also benefit your purse.

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By Published On: March 8, 2018Categories: Moving Tips, Packing