Pizza and beer are traditional go-to’s when it comes to thanking friends for moving help. But there are other more creative ways you can repay friends for helping you move too. We’ve sourced alternate ideas if your friends are junk food-free or don’t drink.

Offer healthy drinks & snacks.

healthy snack

It doesn’t take much effort to throw together a few healthy drinks and snacks, and your friends will appreciate the refreshments at the end of the movie when they’re tired and thirsty. So pack a hamper with smoothies or bottles of raw fruit juice and a selection of fruit, cheese, and crackers for the day you move.

As soon as you get to your new place, plug in the fridge and put the hamper in there for easy access. Don’t forget to add some plastic tumblers and a cheese knife to the hamper since your kitchen utensils will likely be still packed.

Buy them dinner


Moving expends a lot of energy, so it’s likely everyone will be hungry and tired and in need of a good meal afterward. While it’s a little difficult to serve up a home-cooked meal when you’ve just moved, it’s super easy to source a nearby restaurant before you move and make a booking. You’ll grab the bill, of course!

Buy them a massage


Thank friends for helping you move by buying them a voucher or gift certificate for a massage. If they’ve been carrying your heavy furniture or boxes, they’ll appreciate some pampering for tired muscles. Search for massage deals online to see if you can get a group discount.

Send a gift card

gift card

Alternatively, you might like to repay friends by sending a gift card for any experience or item they might like. This could be for a restaurant, movies, travel, homewares, technology, or even as if they’ve been using their car to help you move.

If you’re not sure they’ll use it, consider a universal type gift card that can be used anywhere!

Could you give them a gift basket?

gift basket

Gift baskets are always well received by people, and it can be fun to personalize ones for your friends with a selection of goodies based on their preferences. For example, you may like to include some fantastic souvenirs from your new city, craft beers, cosmetic items, or some home-baked treats that they will enjoy.

A gift basket doesn’t need to be huge; even a tiny, thoughtfully prepared basket can say a big ‘thanks’ for their moving help.

Could you give them the first pick of your stuff?

It can also work out well for both parties if you’ve extra appliances, clothing, or household items you don’t want. Give your friends first dibs on your stuff, so they get something they need, and you’ll likely get more helpers once you send out the word free stuff is on offer. It can be a win-win situation.

You can also make your move easier on your friends by getting organized for a less stressful experience ahead of time! This article has some suggestions.

Help them out in return.

Often friends will help out of kindness and don’t want material gifts or secondhand goods in exchange. You can show that you appreciate their efforts by returning the favor for these people. Send them a card to say ‘thanks and let them know you’re willing to help out if they ever need a hand.

Whether they need a pick up from the airport, a babysitter for a night out, or moving help, you’ll be there!

Invite them to stay

Of course, if you’re moving cities, you might not be able to babysit or help them move since you won’t be in the neighborhood. In this case, it’s a nice gesture to extend an offer to come and visit and plan a fun itinerary for their stay.

Use professional movers

Suppose you don’t want to bother your friends or you’re planning a long-distance move. In that case, it’s best to use professional movers to get your belongings and furniture from A to B. Contact us if you’re looking for an experienced moving company – we serve all NYC local boroughs as well as the greater NYC area!

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