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Types of Storage Services

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Storing services have evolved; they are no longer what they used to be.

Earlier, non-professionals who did not pay attention to details managed these facilities. Privacy and confidentiality were not given much importance. The owner too had access to the belongings and would often move the stuff from one unit to another. In the process, customers would either lose their valuables or find it in a damaged state. Loss or damage was not uncommon. Moreover, the locking system too was a simple lock and key. 

This kind of locking system posed a threat of loss due to theft. Security levels were not stringent and people refrained from storing their valuables. Moreover, there was no arrangement for protection against natural calamities like storm, fire, earthquake etc. Nowadays, storing facilities have evolved in a big way and offer a plethora of benefits to their customers. There are different types of safekeeping units meant for storing a variety of items. You can even store wine in some of the technologically advanced facilities.

The following are different types of storage facilities:

Basic Unit

basic storage
Basic Storage Unit

As the name suggests, the basic unit provides limited facilities. These units may not have technologically advanced services or adopt fancy measures for enhancing the customer’s experience. They simply provide a facility for storing your belongings and their objective is very clear. They know the purpose of the facility and offer simple storing solutions. The unit may not offer privacy or confidentiality. The owner can access your unit or shift your belongings if the need arises. The unit is maintained with a simple lock and key system.

This method of storing may not have state of the art services but has one major advantage, i.e. low rental. The facility provider can offer lower rates because there aren’t any overhead costs involved. The units are not fancy. They are not staffed well and do not have special security measures. They may not offer protection from theft or natural calamities etc. These are some of the disadvantages of a storage unit. Therefore, if you are looking for a unit to store your not so important or valuable items then an old-fashioned basic unit is good enough.

Advanced Unit

As compared to the basic unit, an advanced unit will have several facilities. For instance, it will be equipped with armed security guards, alarm systems, CCTV cameras, biometric card system etc. The unit will be staffed well and offer additional customer service through phone and internet. It will be accessible throughout the day or night, unlike the basic unit that can be accessed only for few hours during the day. However, all these facilities will come at a premium cost; you have to pay a higher rental for such service.

Climate Controlled Technology

climate control
Climate Control

This is the latest development and unique innovation in the storing industry. Temperature controlled units maintain a certain level of temperature during extreme weather conditions. The outside weather conditions do not affect your belongings since the temperature inside the unit is maintained at an optimal level. These units are particularly useful for safe-keeping valuables like jewelry, artifacts, collectibles, paper items like stamp collection etc. It is also good for safekeeping cars, boats, recreational vehicles etc. Your vehicle is well maintained when it is stored in a climate-controlled storage unit.

Dry Guard Technology 

This technology pumps in dry air inside a climate controlled unit. It is one-step ahead of the temperature-controlled unit. Dry air reduces humidity, which is the major cause of degradation and erosion of items. This technology does not allow bacteria or any other pests to breed inside the unit. It prevents corrosion of delicate items like wooden furniture, artwork, craftwork, LCD TV, computers etc. Indeed, it is a boon for the customers.

Advanced Security System

security system

With this, your belongings are safe from all type of loss or damage. It protects your valuables from natural calamities like storm, flood, whirlwind, fire etc. Moreover, there is no scope for theft or infiltration since the facility is monitored 24 X 7 with CCTV cameras. Strong surveillance system with armed security guards, alarm systems and restricted entry safeguard your belongings. Moreover, only you will have an access to your belongings. No one else can access your unit unless you authorize them.

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