If you need to move to NYC, then owning a piano becomes a massive headache. Not only are these musical instruments heavy, but it can also be a challenge to get them out of your home. It is not unusual for cranes, lifts, and other tools to be available so that the instrument can come out of a window.

Electric pianos are generally light enough for a single person to move. If you have something larger, then you’re going to need more people.

It Takes at Least 3 People to Move a Piano

Your first step in evaluating how many people it will take to move a piano is to determine its type.

A large concert grand piano can weigh over half a ton. Even a small upright piano can weigh at least 300 pounds. Anything that is a studio piano or bigger will require at least three people to move it safely. These instruments typically weigh about 400 pounds, and they are the ones you see in most homes.

A classic upright is a piano you have if you own one made around the turn of the 20th century. You’ll typically need four people to move this instrument because the weight is often 500 pounds – and usually heavier.

Some older models use dense hardwoods for the instrument’s cabinet, creating a lift that could be close to 1,000 pounds in some specific situations.

You’ll also need 3-4 movers if you own a horizontal grand, baby grand, or ballroom piano.

Some instruments are a little smaller and can be moved by two people in some situations. Console pianos and spinets are usually slightly shorter and don’t have as much width, so they typically weigh between 200 to 300 pounds.

If you have stairs to navigate, you must add at least one extra person to this process to ensure that everyone stays safe.

How to Move a Piano Safely


Many of the old 500-pound upright pianos come with casters on the bottom. These wheels make it easy to push the instrument across a flat surface. Then you can add two other people to help you drive it up the ramp for a self-moving truck.

If you have a mechanical lift, then the job gets even more comfortable.

You can also place a dolly underneath some upright pianos to help move them into the truck. This option only works on a flat surface, and it will require two people for the initial lift. Then you’ll need to tie the piano in place to ensure that it doesn’t become unbalanced during transportation.

You might consider placing one dolly on each end of the piano to make the moving process easier to complete.

It helps to have a piano skid board to help you to manage the move. Straps and a screwdriver are necessary to keep the instrument in place. You’ll want to wrap it in blankets or thick towels to reduce the risk of damage. Make sure the legs and pedals are secure before trying to move the instrument.

You must measure your hallways, doorways, and staircases to ensure the piano will safely pass through them. The instrument’s weight could damage your floor when moving it, so you’ll want to lay down something to protect them during this work. The corners of a wall can get accidentally nicked, so extra towels or bumpers that you can take down easily will help you to be successful with this work.

Then make sure you lower and secure the lid of a grand piano before starting this process.

When to Hire Professional Movers for a Piano

If you don’t have two or more friends who want to help you move a piano, then hiring professional movers for your instrument is your next best choice.

Expo Movers has the experience needed to handle any piano type from your NYC home safely. Although this instrument’s size, weight, and complexity add a little to the final cost of moving, you’ll have a lower risk of damage than using a dolly by yourself.

You’ll also receive a white-glove experience for your piano when you select qualified professional movers for this project.

That means you can continue to enjoy the many benefits of having a piano at home without worrying about what needs to happen when it is time to move.

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