Packing Paper

Bubble wrap is great, but if you want to find a cheaper route, you may find that packing paper, tissue paper, or old newspapers are cheaper alternatives to use when you are packing your delicate items. If you run out, you can also use some of your clothes you don’t need until you are done unpacking, provided you don’t mind your wardrobe being spread throughout the house when you unpack.

A Chunky Marker

A large marker will be useful for marking or numbering boxes, making signs for movers, and anything else you need to do during the move.

Colored Stickers

If you want a more elegant way to mark your boxes, then a popular method uses colored stickers. For example, all boxes to go in the kitchen are red, and the bedrooms are blue, and so on. All you need to do then is tell whoever is involved in the move which colors go where.

A Packing Tape Dispenser

Using a handheld tape dispenser will save you constantly trying to find the end of the roll and cutting it with scissors – which keep mysteriously disappearing – or just your mouth. It’s one of those little things that you’ll find incredibly tedious after putting six boxes together.

Trash Bags

Moving is a great time to sort through anything you don’t need to take with you and chuck it, so trash bags are vital for clearing out your old junk. They can also use them to transport soft items instead of boxes to save space and money.


Old blankets are useful when you’re transporting delicate or precious furniture, picture frames and artwork, and large appliances. Often, professional movers will provide extra blankets for you, but it’s a good idea to have some on hand or to prepare for this yourself if you’re doing all the moving on your own.

Paper or Notebook & Pen


When you collapse into your new home after a long day and look around at all the boxes, wondering where a certain item is, you won’t thank yourself for not making an inventory. As you pack, number your boxes and keep a running list of what boxes hold what you know where to find everything as you settle in.

Pay the Professionals


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