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How to Choose the Right Moving Company for Upcoming Office Relocation

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So, you are looking for a reliable commercial moving company as your business is relocating to a different location?

If yes, then, before making any final decision regarding the moving company, there are several factors that you should consider seriously to avoid any mishap or any possible incident.

Either you are moving intrastate, interstate, or internationally, the best practice is to know the nature of different types of moving companies first, and then choose the right one for you based on old customer reviews, recommendations by your friend and family, the company’s reputation, and yes, most importantly based on your own requirements.

The first thing you need to do before opting for a moving company is to check whether they are licensed under the U.S Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) and insured or not.

Moreover, you can also view a complaint history of the company in the U.S DOT database.

Let’s review some major types of moving companies below.

Types of Moving Companies

Now that you have chosen the new location for your business and have fulfilled all the necessary formalities, it is high time you also select the right moving company for you. There are different types of movers that can be categorized according to their distance and the type of service they offer.

1) Local Moving Companies


Local moving companies usually operate within 100 miles, and their operation is restricted in the same state. They can cost you around $30-$40 per hour (per move), and the final cost will cover all the hours that were consumed while the movers loaded and unloaded your goods and items, and the time that the moving truck consumed to get to your new office location from the old one. However, packing of your stuff is not included in this cost.

2) Long-Distance Moving Companies


The intrastate relocations over the distance of 100 miles or the interstate relocations are considered as long-distance moves. The cost incurred in this type of moving companies become subject to the total weight of goods and the total distance covered.

3) International Moving Companies

International Moving

While moving internationally, from one country to another, you need the services of international movers. While moving from one country to another, you need a company that can professionally handle all the legal paperwork, insurance, and custom rules and regulations for both countries.

4) Commercial Moving Companies


Either you run a small shop or a corporate level office, you need a commercial moving company’s assistance. A commercial moving company is one that specializes in moving equipment using advanced technology. Commercial movers are experienced and trained people to move a complete business from one location to another efficiently. The whole moving process’s final cost will be based on the weight, volume, type of goods, and the distance between both the offices.

So these were some major types of moving companies. As you need a commercial moving company, let’s find what factors you should consider while choosing the right moving company.

Things to consider before choosing a moving company

1. Proper planning in advance


Let’s face it moving your business from one location to another isn’t a piece of a cake. It needs thorough planning, and hence you should consider the following factors even before choosing a moving company.

Moreover, it’ll also provide you with a rough estimate of all the expected expenses, so you better get prepared in advance.

2. Prepare a to-do-list to be more organized

to do list

This is what your to-do list should cover,

  • The dates of moving your office
  • List of the goods and items to be moved
  • Measurements of space according to the new location (so you know in advance whether the space in the new location will be sufficient for all your possessions or not so that you get rid of all the irrelevant stuff).
  • Selection of other vendors such as the companies for computer system installation or telecommunications installation
  • Calculate overall costs after getting an estimate from a moving company (most of the moving companies provide a cost estimate for free, so feel free to reach out to a few of them in your locality)

So, how to go about choosing the right moving company?

1. Get recommendations from your Family and Friends:


It’s the easiest way to choose the right commercial moving company for you. If they already have a good experience with a moving company, it will save you a lot of your time and unnecessary headache. So first things first, create a list of moving companies based on the recommendation of your friends and family circle, then start calling each of them to inquire and get a quote.

2. Check for Reviews:


Dig deep on the internet and find some good review websites that contain reviews and ratings about the moving companies you have on your list. You’ll find plenty of websites for that purpose. Try to read as many reviews about your chosen company as possible to avoid any possible scams in the future.

Bonus tip: Usually, the companies with dozens of 5-star reviews are not reliable as they may have bought fake reviews. So, try to check for the realistic reviews where the customers usually pinpoint some small company issues.

3. Get references:

If you have shortlisted the moving companies, ask them to provide you with 3 existing customer references. When they provide you with the references, make a call to all of them personally, and ask as many questions regarding their experience with the particular moving company as you can. If the moving companies refuse to provide any reference, something might be fishy; it’s better to avoid such a company and check for other options.

4. Insurance Guarantee:


One of the most important things to do is; ask the moving company for an Insurance Certificate. It is necessary because it protects your property against any damage that may occur during loading and unloading. In case of any damage, they are bound to compensate for the damage claims. If the moving company refuses to provide you with an insurance certificate, they may have a poor safety history; therefore, such a company cannot be trusted for commercial moving.

5. Ask for Move Plan:


Once you have selected a moving company, ask them to provide you with a plan of action along with all the breakups and cost estimates. An ideal plan of action usually contains the details about the task’s expected timeframe from start to finish. Moreover, it also has information about the men’s force, the number of trucks to be used during the operation, and any support equipment needed to complete the task smoothly.

6. Get information about the company’s sub-contractors:


Some companies have contracts with different parties for different tasks such as packing, loading, unloading, or providing specific equipment. These sub-contractors work as a different entity and does not belong to the main moving company you have hired. So, you have to make sure that these sub-contractors are also insured. If you are not comfortable with this sub-contractors part, try to find some other company that does not sub-contract their work.

7. Compare hourly rates with a net cost:


We had found many examples in the recent past when the companies selected the movers based on the lowest hourly rates without considering the mover’s reliability and quality of work. Unfortunately, their move out took more time than estimated, which actually cost them a lot, even more than a well-reputed and reliable company. So, try not to rely on hourly rates only as it may result in a total disaster for you.

8. Choose an experienced Mover as Move Coordinator:


No matter how reliable and well-organized the moving company is, choose a well-reputed and organized employee from your company who will work as a bridge between your company and the movers. It helps you keep a tight check over the moving plan, budget, schedule, and other necessary details, as well as the most recent updates about the moving process.

9. Make smart schedules:

If you have a tight schedule and cannot take the risk of moving during business hours, you should create a moving schedule that does not affect your routine office operations. This schedule also covers the packing, loading, and unloading of all the stuff. Moreover, it is better to ensure IT personnel’s availability on-site to set up workstations and other IT related work on the new office location. In our opinion, the ideal time to move in such circumstances is during the weekend.

These were the important factors that you should consider while selecting the right commercial moving company for your office relocation. We hope that you now have a clear understanding of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to choosing the right moving company for your upcoming office relocation.

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