When you want to maximize your opportunities for success, Manhattan is often the place to live. Several excellent neighborhoods are available in the borough for you to consider. It has a wide range of sizes and price options to consider for your home.

Here are some of the best neighborhoods from which to choose.

Where Are the Best Places to Live in Manhattan?

1. Upper East Side

Often referred to as the Gold Coast, this neighborhood tends to be where the wealthy find a home. You can see generous penthouse spaces and single-floor apartments available more often than in other parts of the city. It’s not the place where you can save money unless your income is massive. Still, it does provide excellent quality of life with superior school choices.

2. East Village

This artistic neighborhood formed in the 1950s when writers and artists made their way to live within their budget. It is still one of the more affordable places to be, with students, new career professionals, and working-class families calling it home. If you love a multicultural atmosphere and plenty of coffee shops, you can find a beautiful place at a reasonable cost.

3. Chelsea

Artists come to this neighborhood today because of its industrial attitude. Over 300 galleries currently operate in this section of Manhattan. You’ll find plenty of shops, restaurants, and bars to enjoy not far from your home. Living here also gets you close to High Line Park, a 1.45-mile green space created from abandoned railroad tracks. If you want a fun adventure, MSG and the Empire State Building are within walking distance.

4. Flatiron

This district has a lot of unique architectural elements that make it an exciting place to live. The heart of the Financial District, next to Madison Square Park, is at 23rd Street, making it a popular spot for high-income earners in the media, entertainment, and publication industries. A recent trend in this part of Manhattan is to have coworking areas and startups move in to take advantage of its location.

5. Hell’s Kitchen (Clinton)

People know about this neighborhood because of Marvel’s Daredevil, but you won’t find supervillains waiting for you here. It’s a fun place with an extensive restaurant and theater culture. You’ll find plenty of off-Broadway shows to experience, an ice skating rink in the winter, and free movies in the summer.

6. SoHo

Although visitors come to this Manhattan neighborhood to shop frequently, the eclectic personality it offers makes it a great place to call home. High-end boutiques are here, giving you something to stumble upon every day. The streets don’t follow the conventional naming mechanisms in NYC, adding even more personality to the neighborhood.

7. Midtown

The busiest place to be in Manhattan is this neighborhood. It’s where all tourists come because of landmarks like Times Square and the Empire State Building. If you get energy from bright lights and big crowds, it is the perfect area to call home.

8. Harlem

It’s one of the largest neighborhoods you’ll find in Manhattan, founded initially by the Dutch. Although it has a reputation of being potentially dangerous outside of NYC, concentric efforts to create a vibrant community and invest in homes create a unique multicultural atmosphere that you may love. It’s one of the places furthest north, which means you’ll need to factor in your commute requirements when looking for a home.

9. Kips Bay

kips bay

This quiet neighborhood gives you fast access to almost everything in Manhattan. You’re a 15-minute walk from Chelsea or Flatiron, within reach of Union Square, and public transportation is readily available. The unique feature of living here is the spacious movie theaters that play a variety of films daily.

10. Upper West Side

You have fast access to Central Park and Riverside when you live in this Manhattan neighborhood. The American Museum of Natural History is also here, giving you several entertainment options to consider. Although the price per square foot is a little high, especially for the size of the apartment you can grab, the atmosphere attracts many to this neighborhood.

More than a dozen additional neighborhood options are available to consider, offering several pros and cons to review. Manhattan can feel like it is at the center of the world when you live here, and that’s why it is a great place to call home.

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By Published On: July 30, 2020Categories: Real Estate