When you’ve finally unpacked the last box after moving, it feels like you’ve accomplished a grand feat. It’s time to grab something to eat, explore the neighborhood, and take a hot shower.

The last thing on your mind is thinking about the places that need a change of address notice.

Although you have some time to let some businesses know you’ve moved, a few of them need to have this information immediately. It might be necessary to send the notification before the movers come to load your items.

This checklist will help you cover all the places that require an update before, during, and after moving.

Who Needs to Know That I’ve Changed My Address?

Anyone who sends mail, communicates to you, or does business with your household typically needs to know that you’ve moved to a new address.

This printable checklist can help you ensure you’ve reached out to everyone. Since every situation is unique, there might be a few places that you’ll need to contact not mentioned here. After reviewing all of the organizations, you’ll want to compare this list to your daily habits to ensure no one gets missed.

Government Agencies:

  • U.S. Postal Service

  • Department of Motor Vehicles and other state licensing agencies

  • Internal Revenue Service

  • Social Security, including SSI and SSDI

  • Voter Registration

  • Medicaid or Medicare

  • Passport

Financial Services:

  • Any banks or investment services with whom you conduct business

  • Loan issuers

  • Credit card companies

  • Retail credit accounts

  • Tax advisors and accountants


  • Electrical company

  • Natural gas provider

  • Propane, kerosene, or gasoline delivery

  • Water provider

  • Cable, internet, and telephone companies

Insurance Providers:

  • Health insurance provider

  • Life insurance

  • Dental insurance network

  • Car insurance

  • Homeowner or renter’s insurance

Household Care:

  • Every employer associated with your household

  • Professional service providers, including lawyers, dentists, doctors, and landscapers

  • Veterinarian services

  • Youth sports leagues

  • Schools, tutors, and specialty providers

Online Services:

  • Retail websites

  • Streaming services

  • Payment services


  • Magazines and newspaper subscriptions

  • Religious institutions

  • Alumni associations

  • Subscription boxes 

Pro Tips for Making the Address Change Fast and Affordable


Most businesses accept an online change of address form for you to fill out. It is usually free to do, although some government agencies might charge a fee.

For many American households, the change of address process starts at the U.S. Postal Service. You can complete this task from their website for a small fee of $1.05. This charge aims to verify that someone else isn’t submitting this form on your behalf.

You’ll receive coupons from the Postal Service at your new address that will help you save more than the small service fee.

Some government agencies have specific forms you must fill out and file to complete the notification process. When you notify the Internal Revenue Service about moving, you’ll need to submit Form 8822.

You typically have up to 30 days to notify your state that you’ve moved so that your driving records get updated. You’ll need to address the license and the plates on your vehicle. You might not receive something new to carry or put on your car, but the state’s records will get updated.

In New York, you have ten days to update your identification.

What About Talking to My Bank?

chase bank

Banks and credit unions make it easy to change your address. If you complete the process online, you’ll be asked to verify your identity. That step might include a phone call to you so that your security questions are cleared personally.

If you already receive e-statements and e-bills through your bank or credit union accounts, the transition is relatively fast.

Don’t forget to notify all your other lenders that you’ve moved to a new home. The accounts that tend to get overlooked the most involve student loans.

Advice for Changing Your Utility Information


Water, power, gas, and sewer services often route through one municipal office. Some fuel providers might be spun off as separate services. You’ll want to verify how the utilities connect to your new home to ensure each business or office receives your change of address.

Internet and cable providers can vary by ZIP code in the United States. That means you might need to switch companies while moving. Since long-term contracts can be part of this service, you’ll want to get any promises in writing about fee waivers or other potential financial changes.

Moving might create some administrative headaches, but it is always fun to start the next chapter of your life in a new place on some level. When you remember to notify everyone of your move, things will feel a little easier.

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