After spending a lot of time indoors in 2020, it became apparent that getting life back to normal would take longer than expected. This is because so many of us invested in different hobbies to stay preoccupied, ranging from painting to knitting.

Going to the gym was out of the question for several months. We invested in some home fitness equipment instead of allowing that time to waste.

Now, with everything else happening in the world, it is time to move to a new address to chase greater opportunities. So, are you ready to move all that fitness equipment you had delivered to your home?

As premier fitness equipment movers in NYC, you can trust our team to take care of your gear. From the padded floor mats to the extensive weight collection you’ve used to stay fit, we can safely haul everything to your next address or place it in climate-controlled storage until you’re ready.

How to Create an Efficient Fitness Equipment Moving Experience

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You spent a lot of time and effort creating a home gym. But, even if you have fitness equipment at the office to use or have gone back to your favorite facility, there are times when it feels better to put in the work in a familiar environment where no one is watching.

That’s why investing in fitness equipment moving services in NYC makes sense!

When you’re adding this service to your moving needs, it helps to take some time to complete a few steps to streamline this process. So here are our recommendations, even if the equipment is moving to storage, to ensure you get the most value for your investment.

Sanitize All the Gym Equipment


It’s essential to clean and sanitize your gym equipment before moving it. Although it might not seem like any germs would transfer during the relocation process, bacteria can get onto other things.

It helps to wipe down everything thoroughly with an all-purpose cleaner or a specialty cleanser for each equipment option. Don’t forget each handrail and hard surface. You can also send your blankets and towels through a hot water cycle in the washing machine.

Move the Light Stuff First

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When it is time to move your home gym, it helps pack the items that weigh the least first. For example, you can place different towels, blankets, blocks, and mats into boxes for easy transport. If things can roll up or fold down, take the space-saving option and remember to use any straps to secure the shape.

Try to keep your delicate items together. For example, placing a five-pound kettlebell in the same box as your yoga mats could cause damage.

If you need assistance with this step, our professional packing services in NYC can help!

Strong Containers for Weights

If you have multiple weight plates, dumbbells, and other strength-building equipment, you’ll need strong containers to facilitate their transfer to the new address.

When you have no choice but to use cardboard, try to keep things in smaller boxes to distribute the weight better. Throwing everything into one large box could make it hard to move the gear.

It helps to use plastic bins or containers to hold your weights. The material should be rated to handle the expected load. Don’t forget about wrapping each product in newspaper or bubble wrap to protect it during the moving process.

Move the Bigger Items


Most workout equipment folds up nicely to create an efficient moving process. However, the weight of a treadmill or elliptical could be problematic, which is why it helps to have the assistance of a professional moving team standing by.

Generally, anything above 50 pounds typically needs at least two people to lift it safely. When your workout equipment weighs 100 pounds or more, you’ll want a furniture dolly available to use.

Use moving blankets to keep the items secure if there isn’t a locking mechanism to use with your equipment. Some exercise equipment may require disassembly to fit through your halls or a building’s elevator.

Crate the Oddly Shaped Equipment

Some items in your home gym have an odd shape. There’s no denying that fact, but you still want to move them. That’s where white-glove moving services can be helpful. With custom crating as an option, you can prevent scratches while safely transferring the items to a new address. Please also let us know if need help moving the peloton bike.

Professional fitness equipment movers in NYC can streamline your relocation while keeping prices fair and friendly. If you need to move your home gym, let’s talk today about getting an estimate your way.

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