When you need extra space for holding onto the items that you use frequently, a storage unit is a perfect investment to consider. It’s also an excellent spot for those extra belongings that need a home between moves or the family memories and mementos that you don’t want to lose.

If you know how to maximize the space you have in a storage unit, you can make the value of this investment stretch further than you thought imaginable!

After you’ve worked with our professional storage solutions to find the correct unit, here are the ways that you can start maximizing your space.

What Are the Best Ways to Maximize Your Storage Space?

The first step of this process is to find the best storage unit for your needs. You’ll want a space to use that is reasonably close to your home, has some security, and makes it easy to move things in and out.

You’ll also need to consider whether an indoor or outdoor unit is appropriate for your belongings.

After you’ve selected the size needed at the location you want, here are the next points to consider when maximizing your usable space.

1. Add temporary pegboards to your walls.

Portable pegboards make it a lot easier to hang the miscellaneous items you want to keep in storage. If you install them before putting any boxes along the walls, you’ll have a place for different tools, artwork, and more. You can still place your protected furniture and belongings right up to the wall without sacrificing much space between the boards and your items with this idea.

2. Install shelving in your storage unit.


You can use removable adhesive to install shelving in your storage unit that won’t damage its structure. Although you’ll want to read the leasing agreement before proceeding, this addition can add more usable space for small items. If you cannot modify the walls, use the temporary pegboards for shelving instead.

Please remember that outdoor units and non-climate-controlled storage has the heat rise to the ceiling, so don’t place anything that could melt on the higher shelves.

3. Hang items from the ceiling.

One of the easiest ways to maximize your space is to take advantage of what is vertically available. Some storage units have S-hooks installed in the ceiling for this purpose. If you don’t have this option, consider stringing bungee cords from wall to wall so that you can get this benefit. This idea works well when you want to hang items around your unit’s perimeter instead of using shelves.

4. Use the same size of boxes.

same boxes

When you use the same box size to store items in your unit, you’ll find it much easier to create a solid stack. It also helps to keep the boxes as full as possible before transferring them to the facility. If you have space at the top of a box, the stacking weight will eventually compress it so that it begins to lean.

You can place old towels, packaging materials, clothing, and similar items to give your belongings the safety and protection required while sitting in storage.

5. Work from the back to the front.

Storage with boxes

Many people tend to stack their boxes and storage items at the front of their unit first. It usually works better to work in reverse. Place your largest pieces at the back of your storage unit, with the heaviest products sitting on the bottom of your stack. After you’ve filled the back wall, you can build along the sides until you reach the front.

Although you can stack the storage unit full, it helps to create a walkway within the space so that you can access all of your belongings without much difficulty.

6. Disassemble your furniture.


If you were to place a king-sized bed into a storage unit while it was entirely constructed, the space it would take up would be incredible. Disassembling the furniture allows for the rails, headboard, footboard, and mattress to get stacked along the wall, saving lots of space. Although some furniture is easier to take apart than others, it only takes a few minutes of prep work to maximize your square footage.

When you rent a storage unit, it helps to understand how to use the space wisely. You’ll protect your belongings while reducing your overall costs! If you’re in the NYC area and need professional storage solutions, contact Expo Movers today for a competitive rate on your short- or long-term needs.

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By Published On: April 20, 2021Categories: Storage