Instead of packing these essential items on the truck, take them with you as you drive to the new home. Whether you make a DIY move or hire a professional team to manage the work, having this suitcase available makes it easier to manage your unpacking schedule.

When you implement these tips to pack a suitcase correctly, you’ll have the space needed for all of your essential items.

1. Choose a suitcase of an appropriate size.

The math in this equation is simple. If you use a bigger suitcase for your essential items, you’ll have more room to pack things. Although you might want to limit sizes during travel, moving to a new home is different. Having one large item for your family instead of a small one that everyone brings along saves some space.

You’ll want a suitcase that’s large enough to fit at least one day of clothing, toiletries, and snacks for the entire family.

2. Play a game of Tetris as you pack.

The best way to pack a suitcase is to fill every inch of available space. If you have an extra pair of shoes as an essential item, stuff your socks into them. Lay them heel-to-toe at the bottom in a plastic bag to avoid dirt and debris from getting on your other items. How you arrange everything from there is up to you since everyone has a unique set of things they take with them in the overnight bag.

3. Use packing cubes to stay organized.

Packing cubes are smaller bags that help to keep your outfits in order and clothing compact. You can use them to safely store toiletries, including liquids, when you have a waterproof product available.

4. Roll your clothing instead of folding it.

Rolling your clothing like a one-sided scroll provides you with more space to use in your suitcase. It will also minimize the wrinkles that you sport when wearing the items the next day. Depending on your overnight bag’s size, you can fit up to 40% more clothes in the same space by using this technique.

Some fabrics and textiles are more wrinkle-resistant than others. Wools, knits, and cotton are your best options in an overnight bag.

5. Bundle your outfits.

If you pack an overnight bag for moving that includes clothing for multiple family members, try bundling the items in each role. Layout a dress or blazer as the outer layer. Place your pants or skirt next. Add your shirt, underwear, and socks last. Once you have everything in order, roll up the items to create one packing unit.

A hair tie can keep the items together during the moving process.

6. Place your toiletries on top.

If you plan to travel by plane to your new home, this tip will save you some significant time going through security. Place any liquid items in a clear bag or packing cube on top of everything else. You never know what searchers might want to sort through, and popping a bottle open accidentally can ruin your clothing.

It may be easier for some families to grab their toiletries on the way to their new home instead of dealing with these circumstances.

7. Cover your clothing with a dry-cleaning bag.

Once you have a layer of clothing rolled and packed in the suitcase, cover it with a dry-cleaning bag. This packing technique allows you to reach each section in your overnight bag without unpacking several items. Just pull up the area where you need something, grab it, and return the rest to its previous state.

8. Pack what you’ll need first on top.

Whatever needs to come out first when you arrive at your new home should be the last item you pack. It could be your pajamas, a swimsuit for your new pool, or a fresh pair of socks.

9. Use your clothing as padding for fragile items.

If you must bring fragile items in your suitcase, wrap them with the thickest, sturdiest clothing, you have. Place the item in the center of the bag to let the rest of your packing work serve as a buffer for it. This tip even applies to that celebratory bottle of wine you might be thinking of bringing for your first night.

Having a plan to pack your suitcase correctly for the first night in your new home can make it easier to fit what you need. If you need help with this work, our team provides professional packing services that ensure all of your belongings receive the care and attention they deserve.

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By Published On: July 16, 2020Categories: Moving Tips, Packing