DIY moving can save some cash, but it also requires a lot of sweat equity to complete the work. You are responsible for the packing, disassembly, and loading of your belongings.

If the items on the truck are not correctly loaded, extensive damage could occur. Scratches, dings, dents, gouges, and more are all possibilities.

This short guide takes you through the loading process so that your DIY move can have the best chance possible for a successful outcome.

Steps to Follow When Packing a Moving Truck

1. Determine the correct size of rental for your move.

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You can find everything from cargo vans to 26-foot trucks available for a DIY move. Several different shapes and sizes are available from a variety of rental companies. About 30 days before your expected move, contact your company of choice to reserve the vehicle. If it is too small, you’ll pay for extra miles because more than one trip is necessary to complete the work. When the vehicle is too large, the risk for damage increases.

2. Get everything securely packed.

The temptation to toss your stuff on the moving truck to be done with the work grows stronger with each loading trip. You can resist this approach by securely wrapping and packing your items. The goal should be to have your home completely packed out about 48 hours before you get the truck. That work includes your furniture preparation and disassembly.

3. Load the heaviest and largest items first.

The most cumbersome items should be loaded first to provide the truck with more stability, such as appliances, mattresses, couches, and furniture. Keeping them at the bottom of your stack ensures that the items won’t crush more delicate belongings during the move. Pick out the item with the most weight to load it near the cab’s front in the center of the bed to get started. Once you have that item placed, load the other heavier items around it.

4. Keep large furniture in an upright position.

Your most substantial furniture items take up a significant footprint when loaded horizontally. You can save some space by taking up the vertical area in the truck instead. It also helps to add more protection and padding around these items to ensure they arrive safely. A combination of plastic wrap and moving blankets can usually get the job done.

5. Roll up your rugs to transport them.

Instead of throwing your rugs onto the truck bed where they could get damaged, roll them up and protect them with plastic wrap. The top side should face out to avoid staining or ruining the backing. Tie it in place and have it packed vertically to achieve the best result. It helps clean your rugs before moving to prevent bringing foul odors from your old home to the new one.

6. Finish by loading your lightest items.

Once all of the heavy items are on the truck, start adding the lighter things. You’ll want to progress from heaviest to lightest as the vehicle begins filling. The goal is to create the tightest stack possible, which means some belongings should get packed on top of your appliances, mattresses, and similar items. You could even place some things into drawers for better security. Keep going until all of your stuff is ready to move or you run out of space.

7. Place your overnight bag and moving essentials on last.

Most households do not complete the unpacking process on their first night at their new home. Having an overnight bag with a change of clothes, toiletries, snacks, and beverages helps transition easier. Your essentials could include medication, supplements, and homework – whatever it is, whatever your family does every day. Once these items are on, give your truck one last look to ensure the weight has even been distributed.

8. Secure everything with moving straps.

Once your items are on the truck, secure the load with moving straps. This barrier helps to keep everything in place during the drive to your new home. You may want to strap one section at a time, creating multiple layers that keep your heavy, medium-weight, and light items secure.

Professional movers can take care of this work so that you can manage the other logistics of moving. It may cost a little more, but most people find that the investment is worth the value it offers. If you’re interested in a quote, please contact us today to discuss your project. You might be surprised by how affordable this service can be!

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