When you’re ready to move to a new place, the goal is to take everything with you. Although your belongings often leave, one asset tends to get left behind.

That item would be the AC window unit for your apartment.

If the air conditioner was already installed when you moved in, it’s an asset for the apartment. However, taking it would result in a charge on your security deposit or other legal consequences.

When you’re the one who paid for the AC window unit, you can take it with you. The only thing you’ll need to consider is how to reverse any modifications that had to be made to accommodate this investment.

How to Remove an AC Window Unit in NYC Safely

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When you’re ready to remove an air conditioner from the window, these steps can help you have a successful experience. However, if you need to remove supports from the building’s exterior, additional requirements may require professional assistance.

Step #1: Cover the floor.

Before removing the air conditioner from the window, it helps cover the floor where you’ll be working. Condensation often forms in the unit, which means water will come out once you tip it inside the home. The last thing you need when moving out is water damage to repair.

It also helps to have closed-toe shoes and gloves available for this work. Dropping an AC window unit on your feet without protection is a painful experience.

Step #2: Unplug the unit.

Unplugging the air conditioner before starting the removal process reduces the injury risks you’ll face with this work. It also helps to tie the cord to the unit so that it doesn’t dangle from the window while removing it.

Once you’ve taken that step, it is usually necessary to pull the front cover off the AC window unit. Again, you can use your hands on some models, but it’s often required to unfasten it with a screwdriver.

Step #3: Remove the insulation.

You’ll need to remove the insulation from the air conditioner at this stage of the process. If it is in good condition, have it packed in a separate bag or container without anything else. When it is moldy or unusable, throw the stuff away. You can always buy more once you get the AC unit to the new place.

If you don’t have a place for it, keep the insulation out of the way to ensure it doesn’t become a tripping hazard.

Step #4: Unfasten the air conditioner from its mounting base.

Assuming that you installed the AC window unit correctly after purchasing it, a mounting base should keep it secure. Next, you’ll need to remove the screws used to secure the brace that keeps the air conditioner safely in place. This step requires a drill driver or a screwdriver to complete the work.

Once you’ve unfastened the retaining screws, the air conditioner will be free of its mount. You’ll need to have someone manage the unit to prevent it from falling out the window.

Step #5: Pull the air conditioner out of its place.

Since an AC window unit can be heavy, you’ll want another person available to wiggle it out of the installed location gently. Depending on the style you own, it might be necessary to have it drop from the outside of the apartment.

As the air conditioner comes out of the window, don’t be surprised if water pours from the unit. That’s why the floor covering is there. If your AC has a drain, you can direct the fluid into a container to dump down the sink later.

Step #6: Repair the screw holes.

If you leave screw holes from the mounting bracket in the apartment, it could be considered chargeable damage to your security deposit. However, since a future tenant will likely want an AC window unit to use, you could talk to your landlord or building manager about leaving it behind and using a new one at your next place.

Some AC window units need the bracket to come when moving. You’ll need to repair the space based on the damage, ranging from wood putty to a complete refinish.

Do You Need Help Uninstalling an AC Window Unit?

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Reach out today if you need help with this work, even if you’re not moving, and we’ll be happy to discuss what your options and costs could be.

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