Some businesses want to experience explosive growth. Others prefer to keep things in a comfort zone where revenues and schedules are predictable. In both situations, there comes a time when it might be necessary to relocate the office.

Although office relocation does impact a company’s scheduling to a certain extent, this issue can be minimized when hiring a professional team to handle the job. If you’re exploring the need to move today, let our team know so that we can get you a no-obligation quote for our services.

Signs That It Is Time for a Company to Move

1. Your office lease is expiring.

rental document is about to expire

If your office lease is about to expire, it is time to look at other properties. You might find another location that keeps your monthly overhead costs lower while providing more space. It’s also possible to find an address that’s closer to where your employees live, has access to more services, or puts you where your customers are.

2. Your facilities have become inadequate.

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As a company grows, it often finds the spatial constraints of its previous identity to be constraining. You might be hosting more internal meetings, having additional customers stop to visit, or forcing workers to pack into tight spaces. If you find yourself in any of these situations with your business, it is probably a good idea to consider an office relocation.

3. Employee retention has become an issue.

Some companies cannot hire additional workers to meet the current demands or standards because of their office. If your business is unable to get enough people to meet your expectations, you’ve encountered a sign that says it’s time to move.

By staying in an unsuitable spot, you’re hampering growth while decreasing staff retention because morale will become significantly lower.

4. Operational costs are rising.

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When businesses are in the startup phase, they don’t always look at the operational costs required for daily operations. Even when your company is at a home office, there’s a potential need to trade with others, manage HVAC requirements, or handle weather-related incidents. If your expenses are climbing without a similar curve to your revenues, one of the best ways to reduce overhead is to move to a different location.

5. You need a lower cost of living to support operations.


The actual cost of living in some cities and neighborhoods can have a direct effect on business expenses. You might find it’s a bit cheaper to move to a Brooklyn office after spending a couple of years in Manhattan, just as it’s typically less expensive to be in a rural area than a large urban center.

When you need to keep costs low, your best option is to find a location with a lower cost of living. The advantage here is that labor costs can be controlled with this relocation, and your taxation situation might even improve.

6. The environment at your office has become unhealthy.

crazy workers

As buildings age, the environmental dynamics they offer can become unsupportive to your health needs. Even something as simple as window tint wearing out can cause glare issues in work areas that lead to eye strain, headaches, and excessive fatigue. When your workers can’t function to the best of their abilities, a correlating drop in revenues occurs.

In severe instances, older buildings might see mold development, furnace issues, air conditioning problems, and other maintenance issues that become difficult to manage.

7. You’ve decided to allow remote workers.

remote work

Before the pandemic, remote workers weren’t prominent in most industries. Today’s working environment is very different. Many businesses are looking to downsize from their current lease because of how many people can perform work from home offices, coffee shops, and other authorized locations.
If you’ve decided to allow telecommuting and remote work, you could be paying for more office space than you need. Moving can solve that problem.

A Final Thought on Moving Offices

Every business faces the decision to move at some point in its existence. When it makes sense to go bigger (or smaller!), that’s often the reason that justifies the change.

If you encounter any of these other issues, it might be cheaper to move than to continue in your current location.

Expo Movers offers complete commercial moving services that minimize the impact on your operations. Whether you’re moving across the neighborhood, to another borough, or even farther, we’re here to make sure the job gets done the right way. Let us know how we can help!

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By Published On: October 27, 2021Categories: Commercial, Coronavirus