A long-distance move provides unique challenges that aren’t present when moving to a new address across the street – or even to a different borough.

Whether you’re going a few hundred miles, headed for the Sunshine State, or California is calling your name, it isn’t easy to prepare for a long-distance move.

Our professional team can handle anything or everything when your plans take you elsewhere. Here are the steps to take so that you can remove as much stress as possible from the moving experience.

Make Your Moving Plans Early

moving plans

It helps to prepare a schedule as soon as you know that a long-distance move is happening. You’ll want to schedule your movers right away, plan for utility disconnections (if needed), and set up a time at the new address to have everything connected.

Most cleaning services and other moving support businesses book out four to eight weeks in advance. The sooner you can get everything onto a provider’s calendar, the more confidence you’ll have in your plans.

Ask for Written Estimates


Moving services can seem like a dime a dozen in the Bronx these days. Being a mover is a decent side hustle when you know what you’re doing. You’ve got to ask yourself if you want to work with a professional agency with the equipment and logistical support to get your belongings to where they need to be or a random person from a classified ad.

Even if you choose some pros, it helps to get at least three written price estimates to ensure you’re getting a fair deal.

Update Your Documents

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When you change your address, you’ll have a lot of documents and accounts that require this information. That includes your driver’s license and other forms of identification.

Your credit cards and bank accounts will need an update, as will your magazines and other correspondence.

It helps to plan ahead here, checking off your different obligations as you get closer to moving day so that you don’t end up missing a bill or two.

Consider Moving Insurance

Your renters or homeowners insurance might not cover everything that could happen during a long-distance move. You’ll want to discuss your needs with your broker or agent during this time of transition.

Once you have an idea of what you’ll need, your professional movers can help you fill in the gaps to ensure you’re adequately protected. Here at Expo Movers, we’ll be happy to answer whatever questions you may have.

Have an Inventory List

When a long-distance move occurs, you might arrive at your new home a few days before your belongings. It helps to have an inventory of everything you packed to ensure it comes as expected. Several apps are available for this purpose, or you can just jot notes on paper with a pen. This step ensures that you won’t be worrying about finding something specific since you’ll have a list of what to expect.

An inventory list is often necessary for insurance purposes. It helps to take a picture of your open boxes while packing to show that you have the items in question and that they were appropriately protected.

Think About Downsizing

A long-distance move can cost more than some people realize. There could be some downsizing decisions to make based on the condition of your furniture and other heavy items. Does it make sense to take that old couch across the country, or would it be cheaper to buy something new once you arrive?

If you have books you won’t read, clothes you haven’t worn for months, or other items taking up space, consider holding a sale or donating the items. You can reduce your relocation costs with fewer items to pack and move.

Pack with Distance in Mind

Take extra care with your fragile items for a long-distance move. These breakables will need extra cushioning to ensure they survive the transition. You can use old t-shirts, towels, or blankets for this purpose if you don’t have paper or bubble wrap available. You’ll want to keep your fragile items together and labeled so that your movers know to take extra care with those containers.

As a final step, it often helps to plan a long-distance move during the off-season. Most people end up relocating to a new address during the summer, which means the costs are typically higher. If that isn’t possible, consider booking your move during the week in the middle of the month to shave off some costs.

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By Published On: June 17, 2022Categories: Interstate, Long-Distance