You’ve signed the lease on a new home or completed the closing process. The excitement you feel is palpable because the place has everything you love.

Perhaps you hired Expo Movers to transport your belongings from the old place to the new one. The main furniture is placed, the boxes are in each room, and you’re looking at the rest of the unpacking process.

Before settling into the new home, these steps are helpful to ensure you and your family remain happy and healthy throughout the transition process.

Step #1: Clean Everything


Whether you’re moving into a new home or an older apartment building, the best way to make that space feel like you belong there is to give everything a thorough cleaning. You don’t know how well the previous occupants completed this chore, so tackle each room before unpacking your belongings.

The two best places to begin this work are the kitchen and bathroom.

Step #2: Arrange the Furniture


Since you’re in a new home, there is an opportunity to update your floor plan. So how can you turn each room into a space that’s uniquely yours?

Several online tools can give you layout ideas if you’re unsure where to place the couch or set up the bed. It helps to know the space in advance to know if your furniture will fit.

Step #3: Unpack the Boxes


Most people don’t like to unpack. That’s why many moving companies offer professional unpacking services today. However, if you plan to get everything out of those boxes, it helps to create a plan that gets the job done.

It helps to unpack one room at a time. For example, start with the kitchen and bathroom, then move to the bedroom. That process allows you to organize the spaces where people spend the most time in their homes.

Step #4: Take Inventory

When you unpack each box, it helps to mark items off the inventory list you created when getting everything packed. This step is often overlooked, but it helps you know if everything made it to the new address.

This issue is particularly crucial for those who discover missing or damaged items after moving. You may have a limited window to file a claim.

If you bought moving insurance, submitting a claim quickly is essential to receiving potential compensation. Try to document everything during the packing process, including pictures of your most valuable items.

Step #5: Organize the Closets

clean closet

Once all the rooms are ready for use in your new home, the time to organize the closets and storage spaces arrive. Get those clothes hung or put into drawers, tackle the lingering boxes you haven’t wanted to unpack, and grab those bins that keep everything under control.

Knowing that you’ve assigned everything to a new, specific place will be better. Once you become familiar with the updated arrangements, the everyday routines will return.

Step #6: Manage the Utilities and Services


Once you know when you’ll be moving, it helps to set up your essential utilities and services. Contact the electrical company, get the gas turned on, and figure out your sewer and garbage collection services. You might need to disconnect these items at your previous address to avoid a double charge.

Some utility providers allow for scheduling new services up to 30 days in advance, while others require you to be at the property. It helps to list the services you need to get life up and running immediately after the move.

Step #7: Emergency Numbers

Although your family and friends won’t have information updates to track, you’ll need to know nearby services’ phone numbers and addresses. Get the contact info for the police department that serves your neighborhood, the closest hospital (or the one that takes your insurance), the fire department, the school district, and any other emergency services that could be required.

Taking this step after moving ensures you won’t rush to find them if something unexpected happens.

Step #8: Gather Receipts

Your moving expenses could be tax-deductible. If you keep your receipts, you’ll be able to prove the claims are justifiable. Keep any documents related to your move until the next tax year.

The moving process can be exciting, especially following these steps after getting into your new home. Contact our team today to get the assistance needed if you require any help during your upcoming relocation! Expo Movers offers highly rated professional moving services in NYC and beyond to ensure your transition goes smoothly.

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By Published On: July 19, 2022Categories: Moving Tips, Real Estate