The movers are gone. You’ve got some boxes to unpack, furniture to move, and decorating ideas to implement now that you’re in a new apartment. How can you turn this space into something that feels like home?

Since a new space doesn’t need a dramatic makeover, these essential home décor tricks can help transform each room into a place you’ll love.

Add Trim to Cushions and Curtains

trimmed cushions

When throws or cushions are added to your seating, try adding fringe details or some tassel trim to create a custom finish. This idea applies to your drapes and curtains while keeping spatial requirements to a minimum.

This option lets everyone see that you can mix patterns and colors in delightful ways while paying attention to the different details of your space.

Decorate Your Door Panels


You can use peel-and-stick wallpaper or a similar product to lift your apartment’s doors to something new and exciting. Decorating this product won’t violate most rental agreements because it creates a temporary change. You can remove the item when it is time to move out.

Using temporary products lets you change the look whenever you want without investing a considerable sum.

Hang Tapestries for More Layers

You can turn tapestries into beautiful wall art by hanging them like framed paintings. Allow them to become the centerpiece of your space, especially if you can tuck them behind a couch or table.

The fabric creates an insulating effect for the wall while providing different textures and colors to enjoy. For example, if you hang a tapestry opposite a window, it can feel like an extension of the outdoors.

If you don’t have tapestries, you can hang soccer scarves or other textiles to simulate this effect in your new apartment.

Use Paint Strategically in a New Apartment


For those who bought their apartment, consider adding a splash of paint to different places to transform the visuals of that space. One of the best options in an open-plan design is to use a bold color for your trim.

Pick out bright accents you love while tying the colors into each room. For example, if you love yellow, consider using this shade for an entryway between rooms while adding subtle elements for visual interest.

Place Wallpaper in an Alcove

Some NYC apartments come with small alcoves because the layout used to include different rooms or larger spaces. These old doorways become a unique design element if you give them a different backdrop from the rest of the house.

A shallow space is a perfect place for an exciting wallpaper product. You could also choose a bright color or paint a unique pattern as a backdrop for new shelves.

The treatment doesn’t need to be complicated to be successful. For example, you can place a wallpaper you adore with a small bench for extra storage to create a lovely little space that feels cozy.

Fill Your Home with Houseplants

Indoor plants are more accessible today than ever before. You can include what feels like an entire jungle without spending much on these colorful pops of life. If you love flowers, consider potting different seeds and bulbs to create results.

You can even do container gardening in tiny NYC apartments, even if you don’t have a balcony. Choose herbs, greens, or other vegetables that grow well in small spots with sunlight.

If none are available, you can always add fresh, seasonal flowers to your décor to make the apartment feel alive.

Add an Interesting Lamp


You can add small places of lighting vignettes to transform any room in an apartment. Try to be unique and creative with your lampshades while using LED light bulbs to reduce your impact on the environment.

You can choose empire, scallop, pagoda, or bell options while focusing on the small details of the design. Look for fabric-lined cords to tie into the rest of your decorating ideas.

Build Out a Breakfast Nook

A small kitchen is still a great place to have a little nook for breakfast, reading, or working on a hobby. Use a built-in option to conserve space while incorporating a circular table to encourage more people to socialize in this area. It’s the perfect spot for board games with the family!

These fun ideas for decorating a new apartment can help you turn any virtual space into something that feels like home. Even small investments can deliver big dividends, so don’t be afraid to invest in yourself with these options!

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By Published On: August 3, 2022Categories: Moving Tips, Real Estate