It’s the same principle that causes express mail to cost more than the first-class option. When you want something fast and reliable right now, you’ve got to open up your checkbook.

That’s why the best and only way to avoid the high cost of a last-minute move is to plan the event as far ahead as possible. Booking early gives you the chance to reserve a specific spot for your needs while guaranteeing work for the agency you hire.

Advantages of Hiring Your Movers Early


Summers tend to be busy for movers, but living in NYC or another major metropolitan area can create a hectic schedule all year long. Almost 70% of the moves that happen in the United States occur between May and September.

You can usually book an appointment at your preferred moving company for about two weeks in advance during the off-season. If you want a top-rated firm helping you during those peak months, then you’ll want to get your date reserved at least one month in advance. If you can do it even sooner, then go for it so that you can be on the safe side of things.

When you make this proactive effort, you’ll find these advantages waiting for you as well.

1. Your moving day will receive confirmation.


Trying to coordinate a move can be a challenge. You’ve got the utilities to manage, your internet service to transfer, and all of the packing work to do. When you can book your dates early, you can focus on these other tasks to ensure that nothing is forgotten.

2. You can ensure the experience of your moving crew.


Booking in advance will give you the ability to hire the highly experienced and trained moving agencies that serve your community. Instead of trying to find someone on a site like Craigslist at the last second, you can work with a licensed and insured firm that knows how to deliver the best moving services around. Hiring temporary workers may not give your belongings the protection they require.

3. There are more choices available.


You will discover that booking your moving day well in advance allows you to shop around for a fantastic price. Although some firms will not offer a discount for booking your time in advance, most agencies will at least give you their best rate. You’ll avoid the last-second surcharges that come with a rush service as well.

4. Your movers can better meet your requirements.


If you book your moving day early, then it is more likely that the agency can meet any specific pickup or delivery requirements that your schedule requires. This advantage includes any add-on services you might need too.

5. There is time to offer you a proper estimate.


Professional moving agencies offer you a straight-forward estimate for the amount of work you have with a moving project. There should be no hidden costs or fees, like needing to move up and down stairs or carrying heavy items. Even if you have a long-distance move to manage, you’ll find that having a little extra time to schedule a quick walkthrough makes things a lot easier than trying to explain your project over the phone.

Additional Tips to Help You Avoid High Costs


Another way to avoid the high cost of moving is to schedule your day away from the weekend. Fridays tend to be the busiest day in the industry, which means you will pay a premium for a time slot there even if you book an appointment four weeks in advance.

Because many leasing agreements and rental contracts terminate at the beginning of the end of the month, you will find that time to be relatively busy and more expensive than a mid-month move with many firms. Even if you can only move a week early, the savings from the shift in your moving day can add up to some significant savings.

Moving on a holiday, such as Labor Day, will also cause the price of your move to go up. If you can do it the day before or the one after, you’ll save some money that way too.

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By Published On: August 22, 2019Categories: Moving Tips