If you don’t get one of the steps completed before moving the bed, it can become damaged quickly.

When you are ready to disassemble your bed to move it yourself or have professional movers complete the task, these steps are the ones to follow.

Steps to Follow When Disassembling a Bed

1. Strip the bed completely.


You must remove all of the bedding and pillows from the bed before you can take the frame apart. After thoroughly washing these items, carefully pack them into sturdy boxes after they are dry so that they can safely make the trip to your new home.

2. Remove the mattress and base.

mattress removal

Once all of the bedding is removed, you can move the mattress and your base – such as a box spring set. Inspect these items to ensure they are clean. If it is not, vacuum the bed with your equipment’s upholstery attachment. Pay attention to the sides, seams, and stitching to remove hidden items.

You may want to remove stains before moving your mattress – if you have something other than memory foam that you sleep on at night. Enzyme-based cleaners typically work better because these products break down the organic materials that can stain a bed. A little dish soap and water also works. Then sprinkle baking soda to deodorize it.

After completing the cleaning process, wrap the mattress and base in plastic or a bag to protect the materials during the moving process. Although you can transfer this part of the bed without protective equipment, it can increase the risk of picking up contaminants.

3. Detach the Headboard and Footboard

After the mattress and base are gone, you can start to disassemble the frame. It helps to start with the headboard and the footboard. Most beds use simple screws or bolts to hold the items to the rails. You will want to label or color-code each item to ensure you can reassemble everything appropriately when arriving at your new address.

It also helps to screw any nuts you took off back onto the bolts to prevent them from wandering off. Store all of these items in a plastic bag that you affix to the bed or in a separate container so that they cannot get lost.

4. Remove the slats from the rails.

If you don’t have a base with your bed frame, it probably uses slats to support the mattress. You must remove these from the rails to continue the disassembly work. Some models use a connected series of wood or plastic pieces that roll up as you disconnect it from the frame. Others have independent parts that you must unscrew.

It helps to number the slats to remember where they go when you put the frame together at your new address. Keep any hardware items in a separate bag or container to get mixed up with the headboard and footboard components.

5. Wrap the bedframe to protect it.


How you protect your bed when moving depends on the materials used to create it. Metal frames often require bubble wrap and independent component protection to stop scratches from happening. If you have a wooden bedframe, then wrapping it in moving blankets is a better option because plastic protectants could damage the outer surface.

If you have an antique frame, custom crating is the best option to protect your bed. You might be able to wrap it in moving blankets before using bubble wrap as a cushioning layer to protect it.

How to Finish the Moving Process

Moving the headboard, footboard, slats, and rails is a straightforward process. Carefully take the bedroom items, navigate through your home with them, and get everything onto the truck.

Lifting a mattress is a little different. You can see people doing the two-hand press method at the top or carrying it from the top and bottom vertically. Either method works. If it is too floppy to handle, consider reinforcing it with cardboard slabs so that you have more control.

You may want to fold up your mattress to make it easier to move. This option is possible if you have an all-foam product that is 11 inches thick or less. If you have coils or a larger product, then folding is not an option to use.

There is always the option to hire professional movers to manage your bed disassembly needs. Everyone needs a supportive place to get some rest. By following these steps, you can ensure that your mattress makes it to your new address.

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