When it is time to find a new place because of work or other reasons, a common transition in NYC is to go from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Evaluating the benefits and disadvantages of making this move can help you to decide if it is the next step forward to take.

List of the Pros of Living in Manhattan

1. You get to be in the center of everything.

When people talk about going into the city for an evening in the NYC metro area, they are almost always referencing time spent in Manhattan. Living here means that you’re already in the epicenter of the best entertainment, dining, and shopping options that you can find in the region. Since everything is only a short distance away, you can experience whatever level of fun you prefer when your home is in this borough.

2. Everything you need is available at any time.


One of the best ways to live in Manhattan is to find a support system for whatever schedule you prefer. That means you can have dinner at 2 AM, get your laundry finished during the overnight hours, or have breakfast when everyone else has lunch. Brooklyn is more of a family-friendly environment built around a set schedule that involves school and regular business hours.

3. You are closer to Central Park.

Although life in Manhattan can feel busy and hectic, you can also find ways to unwind with a Central Park visit. Moving to this borough means that you are close to several of NYC’s most beautiful landmarks, including one of the best urban green spaces in the world. Your cultural options are virtually unlimited when you love to explore everything that the city offers each day, ranging from world-class museums to Broadway.

4. It may provide more career opportunities.

Pursuing your career in NYC is one of the most rewarding experiences in the city. Living in Brooklyn means that you typically have a short commute each day. When you decide to call Manhattan home, it is possible to live right down the street from where you work. Your home might be smaller and more expensive, but it is possible to recoup some of those losses with fewer traveling costs.

List of the Cons of Living in Manhattan

1. The cost of living is much higher in Manhattan.

The difference in expenses when comparing Manhattan to Brooklyn can be enough for some individuals and families to decide against moving. Everything costs more, including your grocery expenses and utilities. Real estate averages almost $1,400 per square foot in the borough, which is more than double what it is in Brooklyn and NYC. Rental averages are also $500 per month higher.

2. It is less of a family-friendly environment.

Life in Manhattan can be fast-paced and exciting. It is also more crowded than most people realize until they start living in the borough. Trying to raise a family in that environment can be somewhat challenging compared to that of Brooklyn, where neighborhoods like Green Point or Flatbush give you better access to what everyone needs.

3. Owning a vehicle is virtually impossible.

Once you start living in Manhattan, your transportation mode involves walking, taking a taxi, or relying on the subway schedule. Although you can own a vehicle if you choose, expect to pay at least $400 per month – in addition to the car payment you make. Parking on the street can save you a little, but it also increases the risk of having something happen to this investment.

4. You lose the brownstones when moving to Manhattan.

When you live in Brooklyn, you can find tree-lined streets and beautiful brownstones in several neighborhoods. Townhouses and buildings that date to the early 20th century are at the heart of the borough. Moving to Manhattan means you have access to lofts, places with door attendants, and many walkups. The Financial District has the city’s famous skyscrapers, beautiful views, and luxury amenities.

Manhattan can provide you with a world of new opportunities to explore. It can also present a series of unique challenges that Brooklyn may be able to solve. Either way, you are still living in NYC, which means you get to enjoy the benefits of living in the best city in the world every day.

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By Published On: May 26, 2020Categories: Moving Tips, Real Estate