All businesses and industries follow supply-and-demand principles. Although different rules and regulations can limit how many changes occur, one fundamental idea governs them all. When more people want something, it costs more to receive the same service at that time.

That’s why it costs more to get gas for a vehicle in the heart of NYC compared to a small Midwestern town.

It is also why you’ll see higher prices for movers in the Thursday-Sunday window each week than on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

Most people tend to move during the weekend because it allows them to minimize their time away from work. If you can operate from an alternative schedule, it could save you some significant cash – especially for a local move.

What Are the Advantages of Moving on a Weekday?

Although you might need to take some time off work, moving on Monday instead of a Friday is often cheaper. You’ll still take one day to get a three-day weekend, and these additional benefits might even appear.

If you can move on Tuesday or Wednesday (and sometimes Thursday), the rates can get even better!

1. Fewer people are around to get in the way.

neighbors moving

When it is moving day, you’ll often have neighbors coming over to say their final goodbyes. It’s a sweet moment for many, but it can also waste tons of time. When you move during a weekday, more people are at work. That means fewer complications and interruptions while your privacy improves.

This benefit also means more parking is typically available in front of your home or building, making it faster and easier to complete the move.

2. Your kids will be attending school.

kids in school

If you have a local move to manage, you’ll have your children in school while addressing the relocation logistics. You won’t need to take them out of the day or have them trying to cope with this change as it happens. That makes it a lot easier to focus on the job you need to do, creating less stress for the situation.

Your movers will appreciate this benefit because fewer safety risks are usually present if children are away from home.

3. You’ll have time to relax.


When Loverboy sang that everyone was working for the weekend, they weren’t lying. We all put in a long week with our chosen profession, doing what we can to make the world a better place while earning a paycheck. By the time the weekend arrives, your energy could be gone. If you can move during a weekday instead, you’ll have time to put your feet up and recharge before packing and unpacking.

4. There is less traffic to get in your way.


After all of your items are loaded on the truck and you’ve cleaned up the home, it is time to take your belongings to your new place. If you’re moving on the weekend, there can be lots of traffic to slow down this step. If the delays are extensive, the price of your move could rise significantly! Even if you DIY it, the time spent idling can use up a surprising amount of fuel.
That’s why a late morning weekday move is your best option. Traffic is nearly non-existent in most parts of the city, which means you can get from Point A to Point B with minimal difficulty.

Additional Factors to Consider When Moving on Weekdays

Although it is cheaper to hire professional movers on a weekday, the overall cost of the experience involves several factors for you to consider.

Will you lose any hours at your job because you’re moving on a weekday? Do you have a vacation day available that can get used to coordinate or oversee this project?

If you move during the weekday, are there additional costs that apply to your needs that might not exist on the weekend?

Is there still savings to find if the only time you can move during a weekday is during rush hour?

At Expo Movers, we know that every situation is different. Our goal is to get you the best deal possible for the professional moving services you require in NYC and beyond. Whether that means you move on a weekday or you schedule a team to arrive on a busy weekend, you can trust that you’ll always get the best services possible at a competitive rate.

It’s often cheaper to hire movers on a weekday instead of the weekend. If you’d like a quote for services, please let us know at your convenience.

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By Published On: April 13, 2021Categories: Moving Tips