Moving can be very complicated and cause a lot of stress, affecting all spheres of life. So how can you better prepare for your move?

Start planning ahead of time.

Early planning for relocation will help avoid stress and unexpected problems. But what order do you need to follow? Follow this moving checklist and avoid unforeseen situations at the last minute. The list will keep you stay organized before, during, and after the move. With this 8-week guide to your upcoming relocation, you’ll be able to plan every little detail of your move.

8 Weeks Before the Moving

It is essential to start planning. Of course, it would be best if you did many things, but having a thorough checklist for moving will help you stay on track. Thus, eight weeks before the move, you need to do the following:

  • Contact Expo Movers to get a free in-home estimate. A specialist will visit your house and assess the size of things that need to be transported and answer all the questions you may have.
  • Start a moving file or folder to store quotes, receipts, and other documents related to your move.
  • If you have children, notify the school of the move and ask for copies of school documents about education, certificates, and attachments. At the same time, choose a school for your kids in the city where you’re moving to.
  • Read over the documents from a moving company before signing anything. The company should be licensed and insured.
  • Request a day off from work. If it is possible, try to arrange your move on Friday. This way, you will have the whole weekend to stay organized.
  • Organize a garage sale to sell all the unnecessary things. The rest give to friends, relatives, or donated to a charitable foundation.
  • Make a list of people and organizations who should be notified about your move. This can be a post office, lawyers, doctors, banks, credit, and insurance companies.

6 Weeks Before a Big Day

When you have six weeks before the move, there are many tasks you need to address. Continue reading this moving apartment checklist to find out what you need to do.

  • Devote some time to your friends and family. Organize a dinner party where all the people you care about can come and say goodbye.
  • Start collecting packing materials. You can get some boxes from grocery stores, restaurants, etc.
  • Pack your things in boxes and label each of them with stickers or colored tape. This way, you will have marked boxes for every room. If you have some fragile things in boxes, keep them accordingly.
  • Create an inventory sheet before loading things into the truck.
  • If you need to ship your car, don’t leave anything in it.
  • Measure stairways, doorways, and elevators to make sure that your furniture fits.
  • Try to pack a little every day. This way, you will not find yourself packing all your things the night before.

4 Weeks Before the Move

When you have only one month before your move, you need to start collecting essential documents you’ll need to bring with you. Also, you will need to start getting rid of things – sell or donate them. Check the items you’re not planning on bringing on. You’re moving out of the checklist and start getting rid of them. During this time, you also need to do the following:

  • If you have not used a specific thing for more than a year, most likely, you will not need it in the future. So, sell it or donate it.
  • It is recommended to disassemble furniture for transportation. If you have old furniture, maybe it is worth leaving it behind and getting a new one at the new residence place. This way, you will save some money on the moving costs.
  • Start packing. Please don’t put too many things in inboxes. Otherwise, they may break.
  • Update your voter registration.
  • If you have pets, make sure they have all the necessary vaccinations and ID tags.

2 Weeks Before

  • This is when you need to update your records and accounts for a new place of residence. Check everything on your move in the checklist to make sure everything is going according to the plan.
  • Prepare meals for two weeks and empty the freezer.
  • Establish trash removal and recycling for a new home and cancel the current service.
  • Write down the contacts of emergency services and providers.
  • Find a babysitter for your kids.
  • Find a place where your pets can go on a moving day.
  • Change address for Social Security benefits. Notify government offices about your move.
  • Update your driver’s license.

A Week Before

Finally, you’re moving this week. Make sure to finish packing one week before the move. Check the completed things off of your moving out of state checklist.

  • Donate the food you didn’t open.
  • Keep essential documents in a safe place so as not to pack them accidentally.
  • Take care of food and drinks for the day of moving. Prepare some snacks and drinks for the movers as well.
  • Defrost your freezer the night before the move.
  • Pack a box with essentials for the first 24 hours in your new home.
  • Prepare cash to tip movers.

Moving Day

You have checked off many things on your PCS move checklist to get to this point.
On a moving day, make sure to do the following:

  • Get up early and have a good breakfast.
  • Make sure that children and pets leave the house before the arrival of movers.
  • Give the movers specific instructions for certain things, if necessary.
  • Finally, check the packing list and sign it.
  • Provide the contact information to the driver and make sure that the destination address is correct.

One Week After Your Move

Now, it is the time to start having a new life in your home. Unpack, clean, and decorate, personalizing your house. Try to unpack all of your things within two weeks of moving in.

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