Palm Springs is a beautiful resort community in southern California. It’s a popular destination for vacations, but what if you’re contemplating a move there from New York?

The first thing to consider when making this change is the lifestyle. When you live in NYC, life often feels busy all the time. It’s entirely different in Palm Springs, where you’ll find a carefree, laid-back attitude that takes things easy.

Moving from NY to Palm Springs makes a lot of sense if you’re looking for a slower pace of life. Here are some other points to consider before finalizing your decision and booking your professional moving team to help.

Lots of Activities Are There to Enjoy

yosemite park

Since you’re moving to a vacation mecca along the West Coast, you can find numerous fun and exciting activities to try throughout the year. There are plenty of camping spots, hiking and cycling trails, and golf courses to enjoy. Shopping opportunities are excellent, and different artistic options allow you to pick up a new hobby quickly.

Get Ready for Some Different Weather

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If you thought NYC had some hot summer, wait until you experience the first one spent in Palm Springs. Daytime temperatures routinely surpass 110°F, which means you’ll need some air conditioning to get through those days.

The benefit of living in a low desert climate is that the winters tend to be warm and beautiful, so many people find the trade-off acceptable.

How sunny is it in Palm Springs? The city averages 350 sunshine days per year.

It’s Like Stepping Back in Time

old house in palm springs, CA

When moving to Palm Springs, you won’t find more mid-century modern homes anywhere in the world. Instead, this architectural paradise feels like it has transported you to the 1950s. Although real estate prices are similar to what you’ll find in Brooklyn or Queens, you’ll discover your money can go a bit further here compared to the cost-of-living expectations in NYC.

Life in Palm Springs is cheaper than in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or other California coastal cities.

An Inclusive and Diverse Community

Palm Springs is a warm and welcoming community. You’ll find people from virtually every cultural and spiritual background here. It’s fair to say that those on different political spectrums get along better than in other communities. Even if you can’t agree on anything else, you can say that you’ve found this city to be a great place to live. That means you’ve got some common ground from which to work.

Invest in a Vehicle After Your Move

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If you don’t currently own a vehicle in NYC, you’ll want to purchase one as part of the moving process to Palm Springs. The city isn’t the kind of community where you can comfortably walk to reach different places. Once the weather turns hot in the summer, even walking a mile in the heat could be dangerous.

As for your home, you’ll want a garage to store the vehicle, so it doesn’t become unbearably hot. Many homeowners want a swimming pool to stay cool in the heat.

Invest in Water Deliveries

The water in Palm Springs tends to be corrosive because of its high mineral content. It’s pulled from deep under the ground where reservoirs exist within the groundwater table. That means you have two options. You can have a water softener installed to use what comes from the faucet or have drinking water deliveries scheduled.

The City Triples in Size During the Winter

Many people have a second home in Palm Springs. During the summer months, the population is about 40,000. However, the community triples in size when winter comes along as families and retirees looking to take advantage of the warmer weather.

Palm Springs is a fantastic option for those looking to retire in California! However, finding people with similar interests for your network might be a little challenging if you’re a freelancer or a young professional.

Be Prepared for Different Tax Scenarios


If you make more than $200,000 per year, the tax situation in California is similar to what you’ve experienced in New York. You’ll pay about 3% more for income tax when you earn less and have different city and state sales tax issues to navigate. Property taxes are similar, although renting can avoid that expense.

Life in Palm Springs is warm, relaxing, and fun. Expo Movers can help to get you there if you’re planning a cross-country move! Reach out today for a free, no-obligation estimate to find out how affordable we are.

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