When you’re getting ready to start a new family or have it expand, the different changes in life can begin to feel overwhelming. Some people like to limit stress, while others prefer to get everything done at once.

If you’re moving to NYC when pregnant, you likely fall into the latter category.

For most women and families, moving while pregnant isn’t any different from any other circumstances. Of course, your doctor might restrict some lifting or other activities based on your health, but that’s about it.

Should you be moving to NYC in the final trimester, you’ll want to have some assistance available before your arrival.

How to Find a Good OBGYN in NYC?


Moving to New York City, you’ll need to transfer your care to another doctor. So it’s usually better to find that treatment provider as one of your first steps in the planning process.

If you already know where you’ll be living in NYC, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists offers a helpful website to help you find a new doctor. It allows you to search by location, so you can put in your new ZIP code and a search radius to discover a list of people to contact.

After you’ve found someone who seems to be a good fit, here are some other steps to consider following to ensure you receive your required treatment.

1. Contact Your Insurance Company

If you’re moving to NYC from a different state, your health insurance coverage is likely changing. In-network providers are usually cheaper, so you’ll need to ask each medical practice if they accept your plan.

Your local hospital, doctor, or nurses can also make recommendations. Ask if they know someone in the area they trust or if a referral could be made on your behalf.

2. Review the Certification

Your new OBGYN should have updated certifications and verifiable educational outcomes. Without this information, it can be challenging to complete your research.

It might help to review the OBGYN’s rate of elective C-sections vs. natural births or healthcare complications. Doctors prone to a specific methodology could make you uncomfortable if your preference is to go in a different direction.

One title you’ll want to see when looking for a new doctor after moving is “FACOG.” This abbreviation after the name stands for “Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

There is a physician directory with obstetricians in your area that you can use to find a new doctor after your move.

3. Ask About Availability

When you find a doctor that feels like a good fit, it helps to ask them these three questions before scheduling the first appointment.

  • How fast is responding to emails, phone calls, texts, or other communication methods if something happens?
  • If you are not available, is another member of your team kept informed of the birthing plan?
  • How easy is it to access care if something happens in an after-hours situation?

It might be tempting to meet with your OBGYN alone, but most obstetricians in NYC work with a group. You can’t always predict when labor might start, so it helps to meet each doctor and ask them questions to become familiar with them all before the delivery.

4. Consider Birthing Options

Talk with each prospective OBGYN to see what options are available for you when it is time to consider delivery. For example, do they support water births, home births, or other non-hospital alternatives?

The goal is to have the obstetrician’s preferences match yours to create a cohesive treatment plan after moving to NYC.

Most expectant mothers want a private room for giving birth and recovering afterward. Some facilities provide this resource, but it isn’t guaranteed across all medical facilities in the city.

If you’re 100% certain you want a private room to start or grow your family; you’ll need to contact an OBGYN who works with a hospital that offers this preference.

5. Ensure You Are Comfortable

You need to get along with the nurses and doctors who may be attending to you during pregnancy and delivery. You don’t need to be best friends, but it does help to have similar beliefs on issues like epidurals, breastfeeding, or circumcision. These choices are yours, but some doctors have strong personal views that could impact your overall experience.

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