Queens is one of the oldest communities in the United States. Although it is a borough of New York City, the original Queens County was created on November 1, 1683. The first settlements in the area were established as early as 1635.

Queens was authorized as a borough in 1897 to formalize the grouping of communities that had developed in the area. Those places have now become some of its best neighborhoods.

List of the Safest Places to Live in Queens

No property is 100% safe. However, you can make strategic decisions about where you choose to own or rent when looking for a home.

If life takes you to Queens, these neighborhoods are the ones you’ll want to consider first to have the safest experience possible.

1. Middle Village

You’ll find this neighborhood in Central Queens. When you live here, it’s about 30 minutes to get to Manhattan. Part of why it is such a quiet place is that you’re surrounded on three sides by cemeteries.

Middle Village gets its name because it is the midway point between Jamaica and Williamsburg. Many families here have lived in the same home for two or three generations. Some small condos were built in the 1980s.

2. Queens Village

This Queens neighborhood is in the eastern portion of the borough. Over the past three decades, it has seen significant cultural changes. It used to be primarily Irish and Italian families living here, but it has become a melting pot of diversity. That perspective shift has led to some gentrification in the commercial sector.

The Colonial single-family homes are still the best part of building a life for yourself in Queens Village. Most blocks feature tree-lined streets and large dwellings that look like they could be featured on NYC postcards.

3. Auburndale

This neighborhood is one of the best places to set down roots and start a family. Auburndale is a spot where most families earn a middle-class income or higher. So you’ll see plenty of Tudor, Cape Cod, and Dutch Colonial homes along tree-lined streets and manicured lawns.

Several of the properties found in this Queens neighborhood are protected historically or belong to a local improvement association to preserve the character of the homes in the area.

4. Forest Hills

This neighborhood is another centralized option for those looking to move to Queens. You’ll find a range of modest co-ops to some stunning Tudors in the Gardens area. Forest Hills is a beautiful suburban setting that offers reasonable prices and several transportation options.

Going into the Gardens region, you’ll find several pocket parks and colonial homes. Of course, spending a day on Austin Street is always a good time.

5. Kew Gardens

This neighborhood is one of the most desired locations to live in in Queens in 2022. In addition, several of the gardens in this community are approaching their 200th birthdays. As a result, you’ll find numerous large, family-style houses, making Kew Gardens a great place to live – or invest in real estate.

You’ll find some upscale condos available if you don’t want a single-family home. A few co-ops have also gone up over the years.

Once you get a sense of the vibe in this neighborhood, you’ll find that the laid-back lifestyle is a nice change of pace if the energy of Manhattan is getting too much. Since it has a central location, your commute is still reasonable.

6. Laurelton

You’ll need to make your way to the southeast corner of the borough to see if this neighborhood is right for you. It was built to model a traditional English community, with attached and detached Tudor-style homes throughout to consider.

You can find a few apartment buildings and some co-ops here, but no high-rise buildings exist. That gives this Queens neighborhood a charming, small-town feeling that isn’t always available in NYC.

Most Laurelton homeowners have vehicles in this neighborhood, but it’s only a short commute to the Long Island Railroad, which can get you to Penn Station in less than 40 minutes without a transfer.

7. Springfield Gardens

When you live in this Queens neighborhood, you’re only 14 miles from Manhattan. It has several transportation arterials routing through its diamond shape, so property choice is crucial. You’ll want a spot away from the busy boulevards to have a quiet day.

Although this neighborhood has fewer yards and lawns, most streets and sidewalks still feature tree-lined designs. In addition, most of the families in Springfield Gardens have historical ties to Caribbean islands.

Queens is a beautiful place to call home, especially when you choose one of these neighborhoods. If you need any help moving, be sure to reach out to give our team a call!

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