You could always rent a truck to move the stuff by yourself. Some friends might help with pizza and beer. That assumes there is a vehicle available that you can use in the first place.

Last-minute moving always has some unique challenges, but there are some ways to pay less while still receiving professional services.

How to Save Money on Last-Minute Moves

The circumstances of why you need to move are essential. If you need to find a new place in NYC through no fault of your own, there may be emergency financial assistance benefits available to you.

One of the easiest ways to see what programs are available is to dial 211. A resource specialist will then let you know if anything is possible.

Some programs help with mortgage assistance and rural housing aid with funds from the federal government.

You can then take these steps to save some additional cash on your emergency move.

1. Get multiple quotes from professional agencies.


You should collect at least three quotes from professional agencies who can help you with your last-second moving needs. It is possible to negotiate with companies to see if they’re willing to work with you on their rate.

2. Avoid moving during rush hour.

rush hour

Whether you complete a DIY move or hire a professional agency, moving outside of the busiest times of the day will save money. It won’t take as long to drive to your new place. You’ll also get a boost in your fuel efficiency with the truck. Early mornings are the best time to get the moving truck on the road.

Moving during any weekday, except for Friday, will also help save you a little money most of the time. Emergency moves during the middle of the month often cost less than those at the beginning or end of one.

3. Look for free moving resources in your neighborhood.

Moving in a hurry often means purchasing packing supplies at retail rates. If you work with local businesses, there is an excellent chance that you can find boxes and protective materials to use. You could also bring empty boxes home from your office. Listings on Craigslist or Freecycle could help you get some items too.

4. Know when to cut off the utilities.


If you need to remove your name from the utilities in NYC, then optimize the timing that you do it. Some agencies (like cable television) sometimes charge in advance or not prorate to your cancellation date. You may need a minimum of at least 48 hours in an emergency, so you’ll want to take care of this issue first to avoid unnecessary charges.

5. Get rid of the items that you no longer need.


Moving costs are always higher when you have lots of items to load. If you can reduce the number of belongings that go onto the truck, then the expense of your emergency move will also be less. You might want to sell items or donate things to grab a potential tax deduction. Even giving some stuff to your family or friends might be an option to save weight on the truck.

6. Ship your books.


If you have many books to move, let the Postal Service handle them for you. Pack them into shipping boxes to send them to your new address via Media Mail. It will take some extra time for the package to arrive, but the cost will be significantly less than what a professional agency charges for those items.

7. Use a checklist to stay organized.


Having a checklist that keeps your last-second move on track will help you stay organized throughout the process. Real Simple offers a helpful printable resource to help you go through everything, even if your schedule is faster than the one they suggest.

Do You Need to Schedule a Last-Minute Move in NYC?


If you need to move to the last-second in NYC, make sure that you keep all of your options open. Incorporating these ideas will help you to save money while meeting your deadlines.

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