New York City is a place where dreams can get made. It’s a land of incredible opportunities that aren’t available in most other areas.

With centuries of development, infrastructure, and planning, some areas in NYC are prime real estate. When you add in the high-rise buildings and other modifications that happen, you can find some of the most expensive buildings in the world here.

List of the Most Expensive Buildings in NYC

1. One World Trade Center

One World Trade Center

This building is the tallest in North America and the Western Hemisphere. It was built in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks to commemorate the strength and resilience of New Yorkers and Americans. It stands at 1,776 feet to celebrate the year the Declaration of Independence was signed. After its completion in 2014, the total cost came to just under $4 billion.

The building offers a three-story observation deck on floors 100-102 and antenna and broadcasting facilities. In addition, there’s a food court and places for events in that area, and the space includes lots of symbolic references to the original building it replaced.

2. Goldman Sachs Headquarters

Goldman Sachs Headquarters

It was completed in 2010 at the cost of $2.1 billion. The building features some unique additions, including a raised floor air system, improved ventilation, and Gold LEED certification. It’s the only official office building in its area, and the entrance lobby has an 80×23-foot mural that was added for $5 million. It’s a beautiful addition to NYC.

The tower is found at 200 West Street, standing 749 feet tall. It offers 44 stories in Lower Manhattan, with a façade made of stainless steel and glass.

3. Bank of America Tower

Bank of America Tower

Built in 2009 for $1 billion, this structure received an award at the time for its eco-friendly design. It features an on-site gas generator that includes heat capturing technologies to provide nearly 70% of its energy requirements. Another element that makes it such a great place to be in the city is the Crystal Palace’s design elements in Bryan Park, which was the original glass and steel building in the United States.

4. New York Times Tower

New York Times Tower

The New York Times has had seven different headquarters in NYC since its first publication in 1851. Its current home was built in 2007 at the cost of $850 million. One of its primary features is a 70-foot square lobby garden. You’ll also find a large auditorium and retail units that have high-end restaurants and shops.

Standing at 1,046 feet with its pinnacle, the building itself contains 52 stories. It uses floor-to-ceiling glass to maximize the natural light while providing views to those inside and outside the building. More than 95% of its structural steel came from recycled resources.

5. Seven World Trade Center

Seven World Trade Center

This NYC icon was another rebuilding effort after the 9/11 attacks. It was completed in 2006 for about $700 million. Since it was one of the first projects to bring healing to the city, the architects and designers emphasized safety. It has a reinforced core, better fireproofing on the steel columns, and wider stairways to accommodate more people in an emergency. It was also the first office building to receive a Gold LEED certification in the city.

6. 12 Metro Tech Center

12 Metro Tech Center

When you see this NYC building, you’re looking at the largest courthouse ever built in the state. It offers 32 floors while standing 473 feet tall. This structure was completed in 2005, with the final price tag listed as $360 million. One of its most unique features is a curtain wall system with a blast-resistant design that stops some bullets. It could be one of the safest places you could be outside of living in a sealed, self-sustaining bunker.

7. Federal Office Building

Federal Office Building

You can find this NYC icon at 290 Broadway, right next to Foley Square. It’s home to several government agencies, including the EPA and the IRS.

The structure supports several open and executive offices, some conference facilities, and miscellaneous support areas. With 34 floors, it stands at just over 475 feet. The work was completed in 1994 for $292 million, and it continues to be one of the most impressive public buildings in the country.

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