Even if your home is spacious, it always feels like there isn’t enough room to keep everything. In NYC, you might not have enough space on your property for a shed or a similar outbuilding. We know that isn’t possible in the city’s apartments and condos!

If you’re not ready to part with your items, a professional storage solution is your next best option.

When looking at storage units to rent, it’s crucial to be aware of the various restrictions about what you can and cannot store. Even though you’re paying for this unit, different rules and regulations govern what can be kept there.

What Are the Items That Shouldn’t Go into a Storage Unit?

Although you’re storing items from your house, apartment, condo, or another living arrangement, that doesn’t mean the unit becomes a second home.

Here is the current list of items that cannot go into a storage unit.

1. Animals


Even though it seems like common sense not to keep pets in a storage unit, this issue happens more than it should. If you cannot have an animal where you currently live, leave it with a friend or someone you trust.

If that isn’t possible, there are several no-kill animal shelters and rescues in the NYC area where you can surrender your pet without worrying about whether someone adopts them in time.

2. Houseplants


Don’t stick them in storage if your new home doesn’t have space for all your plants. Even if you have to grow lights in a powered unit, they won’t thrive in that environment. There isn’t the same amount of ventilation available. The best option is to give them away to someone who can take care of them appropriately.

3. Perishable Items

expired food

If you store food in a storage area, there is a risk that rodents and insects would be attracted to the items.
When food products start decomposing, the organic materials can damage the other belongings in the unit. At the very least, everything you own in that space would carry a foul odor with it for a long time.

Some units come with powered outlets so that you could keep a chest freezer in there with some food products. You’d need to check with the facility to see if such actions are permitted. If an extended power outage occurred, you could deal with quite the mess.

4. Combustible or Hazardous Items


Anything considered combustible or hazardous is not permitted in a storage unit. This list is extensive and subject to change, so you’ll first want to check the local regulations before taking anything over.

The current list of prohibited items includes chemicals, gasoline, petroleum, cleaning supplies, medical waste, paint, fertilizers, propane tanks, and anything flammable.

Illegal drugs or unused prescription medication would be included on this list.

5. Ammunition and Explosives


Anything that could explode is not allowed in a storage unit. If you decide to keep these items there, any damage from that decision would be considered your responsibility. That includes if someone should get hurt.

6. Unregistered Vehicles


Although vehicles might contain some fuel, registered motorcycles, boats, and cars are permitted if they’re operational. If it isn’t running or doesn’t have legal papers, it would not be appropriate to keep it there.

Even though vehicular storage is permitted under specific circumstances, you’d still be held responsible for any damage caused to the storage facility or other items stored in neighboring units.

7. Stuff You Don’t Use

Although the list of items not to keep in a storage unit is extensive, the bottom line is that you shouldn’t keep things you’re not using. You can donate clothing to local charities, give items to family or friends, or throw stuff that isn’t working away. Even things with a bit of sentimental value but no purpose can find a better life.

What Can I Put Into a Storage Unit?

Anything not included on the above list is generally permitted to be kept in a storage unit. Each company has its own set of policies and procedures to follow, so you’ll want to check with your preferred provider to ensure compliance with the rental agreement.

If you need assistance with your belongings, our professional storage solutions in NYC offer an affordable answer to consider. With climate-controlled facilities and units of varying sizes to use, we can help you protect the things you love for a fair and competitive price. Reach out today so that we can get this process started!

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