Moving is a huge milestone for anyone. It’s an even more significant event when you’re taking the step to establish a mutual home with a partner or spouse.

Some people find the timing tricky when trying to establish a new home. However, those emotions or intuitive feelings could be based on reactions due to your Zodiac sign.

Astrologists believe your sign could be crucial when choosing your first or next home. Whether you’re doing it solo or with a partner, here are some things you’ll want to consider as you plan.

Moving Tips to Consider Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aquarius: People with this sign are typically analytical. They need to measure the advantages and disadvantages of each property before deciding to take the step to move. It can take three years or more for a couple to settle into a relationship enough to live together. A flat is ideal since connections with material belongings are less critical than others.


The best time to move for this sign is in February.

Pisces: This Zodiac sign is deeply intuitive. They often know immediately if they’ve found the right home or person. The logical side has a strong voice, so decisions aren’t rushed very often. Try looking for homes with terraces while taking it slow if you’re developing a relationship to have the best experience.


The best time to move for this sign is in December.

Aries: People with this sign tend to be very independent. It takes them a long time to settle, and they often say what they think or feel without worrying about the consequences of those words. They’re loyal while enjoying time away from others. Consider a detached home to support the established daily routines.


The best time to move for this sign is in April.

Taurus: People with this sign prefer stability. They often move in with a partner after a few months, especially if that person is honest and works hard to keep their trust. These individuals love to stay grounded and put in a hard day’s work, so a small cottage or condo satisfies their needs quite nicely.


The best time to move for this sign is in June.

Gemini: Those born under this sign love having great friendships and spending time alone. They wait until the time is right when opportunities are around, and then they strike at the right time to find success. A duplex or a small apartment building is the best option, as it lets you forge connections while staying grounded.


The best time to move for this sign is in May.

Cancer: Intuition is the best trait that people under this sign exhibit. They know right away when a property is right for them. This approach is also taken with their relationships. For example, a cozy spot, like a studio apartment or a bungalow, would be the perfect home.


The best time to move for this sign is in July or August.

Leo: You won’t find a more passionate person than a Leo. The people under this sign don’t like everyone (and sometimes no one!), but they also love grand gestures. A spot where a Leo can enjoy city life is best, but it can take time for them to feel like a specific place is their home. They can live in one spot for years before finally claiming it themselves.


The best time to move for this sign is in the summer or late fall.

Virgo: These hardworking people don’t stop until they feel everything is done right. Although this perfectionism can hold them back, it can also be a tremendous asset. It lets them find the best place to live with someone they can trust for the rest of their lives.


The best time to move for this sign is in March.

Libra: This sign relies on self-direction and confidence. Intelligence instead of looks attracts many, and this trait translates into their housing choices. Expect something practical and centrally located in their routines.


The best time to move for this sign is in September or October.

Scorpio: Those born under this sign tend to know what they want, and they want everything. Each element of their lives is meant to generate respect. Finding the most prominent place they can afford is a priority, and they want someone loyal and loving to be along for the ride.


The best time to move for this sign is in November.

Sagittarius: This sign is known for its honesty, even if the truth is hurtful. Relationships often come and go because there isn’t a “filter” for conversations. The best housing options are close to others but have enough space for themselves.


The best time to move for this sign is in November before the holiday season begins.

Capricorn: These people know what they want. They’ll work hard to achieve it, both personally and professionally. Although it tends to be a corporate approach to the daily routine, this attitude also makes them highly efficient.


The best time to move for this sign is in January.

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