According to long-distance movers in Dallas, apartment hunting can be fun and stressful when trying to find the perfect place for your budget and wants/needs. We all have visions of our dream place, which includes location, size, and cost, and nailing down each one of those takes time.

However, did you know that the time of year affects your ability to find that perfect place? It’s true, and in this article, we look at the best times to go apartment hunting to maximize your chances of getting that dream place.

Many experts say there’s a 2-5% fluctuation in the rental prices throughout the year, and the amount you would save depends on factors such as the size of the apartment and the location. However, you can save even more if you know what time of year is best to look.

Winter is Best


Many people don’t like apartment hunting during the coldest days of the year, which is one reason why it’s the ideal time. With people preferring to stay inside and plan to move during warmer months, you have less competition when looking for a new place. Also, since school is out during the summer, most people wait until then to make a move not to interfere with their children’s school schedule.

Holidays are another reason to consider moving during winter. With Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween taking place during the colder months, people are less likely to uproot their families to move during the winter.

And last, the cold is enough to discourage most people from wanting to move during winter.
Because of these factors, realtors and landlords are often sitting on properties during the winter they’re eager to fill, which means you can usually get a better deal on the rent and the lease agreement.

The downside to moving in winter is that because so many people choose to stay put until summer, you have fewer options for finding a place.

Summer Is Worst

As mentioned above, most people prefer to move during the summer months because it’s warmer, the kids are out of school, and there are fewer holidays to contend with. Because you have so many people apartment hunting during the summer, it’s a good market for landlords and realtors who will increase the price because of the number of people competing for space. Also, while there are more places available which increase the chance of finding your dream apartment, it may be out of your budget during the summer. Last, if you wait too long to sign a lease, there’s a high chance someone will come in and take place from under you.

The bottom line is if the price is a concern, then winter is your best option because there’s less competition and landlords are eager to fill vacancies. However, if choosing is your main concern, summer is good because you have the largest pool of apartments to choose from.

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By Published On: April 29, 2019Categories: Moving Tips