When it’s time to change your address, who should you notify? Most people remember to file this information with the United States Postal Service, but are there others who need to know the location of your new address?

After you’ve filed your forwarding address notification with the USPS, the next step is to let your friends or family know. You likely told them first, but give the important people in your life a second look. Having a Christmas card returned with a check meant for you doesn’t always create a happy experience!

Here are some of the other agencies, businesses, and individuals you’ll need to contact to have a smooth moving experience.

1. Tax Agencies


The state and federal agencies responsible for collecting taxes from your income need to know that you’re moving to a new address. There’s a simple online form to file with the IRS to make this notification. If you’re moving before the tax filing deadline, it might be suitable to provide this information when putting in your paperwork for the year.

When you need to update your address in NY for tax purposes, you’ll need to complete Form DTF-96. Other states have different rules and forms, so you’ll need to check the specific government website that applies to your current and future living situation.

2. Social Security Administration

Do you collect any Social Security benefits? If so, you’ll need to notify the SSA that you’re moving to a new address.

To complete this step, you can contact them directly at 1 (800) 772-1213. The SSA also provides a change of address application completed online.

3. Cable TV, Phone, and Internet

internet, tv

If you receive any of these services as part of your rental agreement, the items might not be in your name. Your landlord would be responsible for turning them on and off.

When you move from an apartment that provides these services to one that does not, you’ll need to contact the providers for your new apartment.

This information is typically provided with the lease, but AllConnect can help you discover who can offer services if you’re unsure.

Some providers require a deposit if you haven’t worked with them before or your credit score is below average. That amount could equal up to a year’s worth of services for each one.

4. Electric and Gas Services


You’ll want to notify these utility services as soon as you know your moving day and the new address. By scheduling the activation of electricity and gas the day you move (or earlier, if permitted), you won’t need to worry about being without them while having your possessions unloaded into the home.

It also helps to arrange for your current electric and gas services to get shut off or transferred out of your name, depending on whether you own or rent. You don’t want to move in the dark, so it helps to schedule that time for the day after you intend to be gone.

5. Utility Contacts

Depending on your situation, it might be necessary to notify garbage collection agencies, sewer utilities, the water department, and other providers who deliver essential services of your new address.

6. Insurance Companies

You’ll need to speak with your insurance agent or broker about your change of address. They need to know where to transfer your policy. For homeowner’s insurance needs, a complete inspection and other requirements might be required before the mortgage paperwork gets approved, so you’ll likely be talking about this paperwork sooner rather than later.

For renter’s insurance, some property management companies and landlords need proof of transfer before you’re allowed to take possession. It also helps to ask if your policy covers items in transit to see if moving insurance is necessary.

7. Employers

Even when you receive Direct Deposit services for your paycheck, your employer needs to know about your new address. So they’ll need to send tax forms, pay stubs, and other important documents to you.

8. Banks and Other Account Holders

credit cards

It helps to let all your credit cards, loan providers, bank account holders, and all other accounts know that you’ve moved. If there is any question about the services provided, allowing them to have this updated information right away ensures that your communication lines will remain open.

Although it takes some time to notify everyone, it facilitates an efficient moving day. You’ll also be sure to get those presents headed your way when the holidays arrive!

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By Published On: March 11, 2022Categories: Moving Tips, Real Estate