Stress is everywhere today. A connected world that never relents can feel like everything, and everyone tries to overwhelm you.

Some states experience significant levels of daily stress. You can find incredible opportunities to explore if you can cope with that issue. If you prefer to get away from it as much as possible, you’ll want to consider going to a more laid-back community.

Here are the most and least stressed states in the US if you’re considering a move. Each has some specific advantages to consider. Don’t forget to talk to professional movers so that you can manage this transition as quickly and efficiently as possible!

What Are the Most Stressed States in the US?

Most Stressed StateReasons to Consider Moving to This State
LouisianaAlthough stress levels are highest here, the cost of living is remarkably low. It’s the perfect spot for those who love cycling or motorcycles. The weather stays pleasant throughout the year, and camping options are plentiful.
NevadaLegalized gambling isn’t the only perk for living in this state. You’ll find ample recreational opportunities and wide-open spaces to explore. You can opt for upscale living or a ranch-like lifestyle while routinely stashing money away for future needs.
New MexicoThe unique culture and traditions of this state make it one of the best places to live in the country. The climate is mild, you’ll find an extensive viticulture presence, and the landscapes are beautiful. Can you put up with their obsession with chilies?
West VirginiaYou’ll find affordable homes and a lower cost of living in most communities when moving here. It’s a great spot if you love the outdoors and have employment opportunities lined up – or you can telecommute. Freelancers find that they can manage their schedules well without burdens to their budgets.
MississippiThis state is often underrated and overlooked because of its above-average stress levels, but the education opportunities are world-class here. Over 50 technical schools, colleges, and universities are helping students get ready for the job of their dreams right now.
ArkansasThe median price for a home in Arkansas is only $188,000, even though values went up 15% in 2022. Even if you want to live in Cammack Village or Maumelle, you’ll pay 60% less for a property with more space – and potential acreage.
OklahomaThis state might be dealing with unemployment issues and some Tulsa-related crime, but it also provides several mid-sized cities with attractive properties to consider. You can enjoy four seasons while having minimal traffic. The weather stays lovely throughout the year, although there are chances for severe storms.

What Are the Least Stressed States in the US?

Least Stressed StateReasons to Consider Moving to This State
UtahYou get to choose your climate in Utah. If you love all four seasons, live in the mountains surrounding Salt Lake City. Want something warmer? Move to the deserts in the south. You can easily access Las Vegas or have your neighbors be miles away.
MinnesotaWith more than 10,000 lakes to explore, you’ll want to have a comfortable pair of hiking shoes. The cuisine here is versatile and diverse, and the arts scene continues growing each year.
South DakotaWhen you move to this state, you won’t need to worry about corporate or personal income tax. That gives the area an outstanding business climate, and most of the food options you’ll find come from local growers.
WisconsinWI is known for being all about brats, cheese, and beer, but there’s much more to this state. You can find metro areas in Madison or Milwaukee to enjoy, embrace rural life, or settle into one of the many small villages that dot the state’s landscape. It’s an underrated outdoor paradise.
New HampshireYou don’t have an income or sales tax to manage when living in this state unless you earn interest or dividends. You’ll be close to Boston and within striking distance of NYC. It has a strong employment market and some of the most affordable homes in the US right now.
HawaiiYou’ve got the climate, the beaches, and the natural beauty of the islands to enjoy. It’s also one of the most social places you’ll ever visit, even if you live in downtown Honolulu.
North DakotaYou’ll find friendly people and beautiful scenery awaiting your arrival in ND. It has remarkable wildlife, short commutes, and affordable homes. People have less stress because the cost of living is one of the lowest in the United States.

Whether you move to a stressful state or one that rolls with the punches, you’ll find that opportunities are available to thrive. If you need help getting to your new home, Expo Movers can help you manage interstate logistics while keeping prices affordable. How may we help you today?

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