Philadelphia has much to offer, from a lower cost of living to a thriving arts and culture scene. Here’s everything you need to know about making a move.

Cost of Living

One of the biggest draws of Philadelphia for New Yorkers is the lower cost of living. While New York City is notoriously expensive, Philadelphia is much more affordable. According to Numbeo, Philadelphia’s living cost is about 33% lower than New York City’s. This includes things like rent, groceries, transportation, and entertainment.

Average Rent

If you’re considering moving to Philadelphia, you’re probably wondering how much it will cost to rent an apartment. According to RentCafe, the average rent for an apartment in Philadelphia is around $1,520 per month. This is significantly lower than the average rent in New York City, which is around $3,000 per month.


Philadelphia city center

Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania and the sixth-largest city in the United States. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the population of Philadelphia in 2020 was approximately 1.5 million people.


While salaries in Philadelphia are generally lower than in New York City, the lower cost of living means your money will go further. According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary in Philadelphia is around $70,000 annually. This is lower than the average salary in New York City, which is around $80,000 per year, but keep in mind that the cost of living in Philadelphia is also lower.


Philly Nightlife

Philadelphia has a thriving nightlife scene, with plenty of bars, clubs, and restaurants. The city is also known for its music scene, with various venues that host live music performances. So whether you’re looking for a trendy cocktail bar, a dive bar with cheap drinks, or a dance club with a DJ, you will find something to suit your taste in Philadelphia.

Why People are Moving

Philly Cheese Steak

There are many reasons why people are making a move from NYC to Philadelphia. Some are attracted by the lower cost of living, while others appreciate the slower pace of life and the sense of community in Philadelphia. Others are drawn by the city’s rich history and cultural offerings, including world-class museums, art galleries, and theaters.

Whatever your reasons for moving from NYC to Philadelphia, there’s no doubt the move can be a significant change. But with some research and careful planning, you can smoothly transition and enjoy everything Philadelphia offers.

Moving from NYC to Philadelphia can be an exciting and rewarding experience. With a lower cost of living, a thriving arts and culture scene, and plenty of entertainment opportunities, it’s no wonder many people are moving. Philadelphia has something to offer whether you’re looking for a new job, a change of scenery, or a new adventure. So why not make a move and see for yourself?

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