Although it doesn’t make sense to take an entire load of frozen food with you when moving, the white glove approach to your expensive spices is something to consider. The challenging herbs and spices to find should be kept, so it is imperative to know how to pack them correctly.

These tips will help you seal and pack your pantry, including the seasonings you cannot live without, so that they have a safe journey to your new residence.

What Is the Best Way to Pack a Pantry?


The first step to follow when packing up your pantry is to go through a decluttering process. Weed out the items that don’t need to come with you, including any nearly-empty products or half-full boxes. Try to use up these items before Moving Day arrives to maximize your purchases, but then throw away anything that’s used and easily replaceable.

Once you’ve fully sorted your items, then you can correctly prepare the remainder of your pantry with these white glove packing tips.

1. Seal up all of your containers.

Unopened containers are the easiest ones to pack. You can put those into your boxes right away. Anything in glass bottles will need bubble wrap or another form of cushioning to prevent damage.

You must ensure that any lids or caps are screwed into place tightly. If you have open packages with expensive spices, then tape them shut to prevent loss. Each container must have individualized wrapping.

2. Use masking tape to seal off lids.

If you have spice dispensers going to your new homes, such as salt and pepper shakers, use masking tape to cover the product’s sliding top. Then you must wrap the dispenser in a protective effect to ensure its safe arrival.

3. Use sandwich bags to prevent spillage.

sandwich bags

Professional movers are hesitant to load boxes filled with food products because any spillage can attract pests to your belongings. You’ll encounter the same issue if you transport your pantry items in a private vehicle. That’s why it is a good idea to place each container in a snack or sandwich bag that provides a secure seal lock.

You can also prevent loss by placing herb and spice containers in these plastic bags. It might not bother you to lose some iodized salt, but having your saffron disappear could be a different story.

4. Use robust containers to complete the backing process.

If you have Crockpot, large pans, or stoneware baking products, then consider taping your wrapped spice containers to these items. You’ll save some space during the packing process, and it will give your pantry items the extra level of protection they need.

Plastic boxes with resealable lids are typically better for packing spices in fragile containers than a standard box. For example, if a glass bottle breaks, it could shred the cardboard and cause damage to your belongings.

5. Wrap the box or container with plastic wrap.

plastic wrap

When you have all of your pantry items correctly packed and ready to go, wrap the box or plastic container with plastic wrap. You can use the same product that you’d cover your furniture with to prevent damage. Taking this final step will prevent spills from happening while transporting the items to your new home.

Make sure to label the box or container to ensure its delivery to your kitchen when you arrive at your new place. Leaving expensive herbs or spices outside in unfavorable conditions could cause spoilage, which would make all of your hard work be for nothing.

What Can I Do with Leftover Pantry Items?


If you have any items that are past an expiration date, then you should dispose of them. Also, toss any stale items that you don’t plan to use.

Canned goods can be heavy to pack, so it might be wise to donate these items to the food bank in your neighborhood. Anything in a fragile container, such as a flour bag, would also be readily accepted at these charities.

Inexpensive items that are easy to replace should be donated, given to family or friends, or thrown away.

Packing your pantry is one small step in a more extensive process when you require white glove moving services. Whether you’re moving across the neighborhood or to a different borough, a professional agency can help you have a successful experience during this transition.

You can eliminate some of the stresses by hiring experienced people familiar with your most valuable items. Ask for a free quote, and you might be surprised at how affordable this service can be!

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