Many people have more stuff than they know how to manage at home. When you’re ready to move to a new place or have room to move around, renting a storage unit to protect your assets makes sense.

When you have items that you don’t always use but don’t want to sell or donate, a storage unit is an investment that makes sense. Multiple sizes are available, as are temperature-controlled options.

It helps to stay organized when renting a storage unit to maximize the available space. These tips will help you accomplish that outcome.

1. Line the Walls First

lining storage unit walls

When placing items in the storage unit, work with an outside-to-inside approach. Start with objects along the back wall, then move forward along the sides so that you have room to walk safely. Leaving an aisle ensures you can stack vertically while having room to maneuver more things as they’re brought in for stacking.

Temperature-sensitive items should be stacked along interior walls with an outdoor storage unit whenever possible. A temperature-controlled option allows you to pile on all three interior walls if you rent an indoor space.

2. Start with the Big Stuff

bulky dresser

Place the most prominent items you wish to have in storage in the Unit first. The more oversized products can withstand the weight of stacking better while ensuring enough room to have them in that space. The best place for them is at the back, but there are times when placing things along the sides that are helpful for more vertical stacking.

Skinnier items work better along the side walls, while bulkier products are great to put in the back of the Unit. An executive desk should go in first, especially if it has significant width. Dressers and bookcases would be furniture options to stack on the side.

3. Play Tetris on the Side Walls

Vertical stacking is an art form in a storage unit. If you can have items go from the floor to the ceiling, you’ll have a secure way to maximize your space.

Items like sofas and entertainment centers are often stacked vertically to ensure you’re utilizing the room efficiently. Likewise, lighter boxes and belongings can go near the ceiling without worrying about making everything top-heavy.

4. Disassemble Large Items


Kitchen tables can take up significant space in a storage unit. The best option is to disassemble the furniture to make stacking easier. This tip can be used for bed frames, nightstands, and even couches.

It only takes a few minutes to disassemble most furniture to a place where it’s easier to stack. If you have to remove hardware, use a zippered plastic bag with a clear label indicating which item it belongs to in the storage unit. Then tape the bag to the furniture to prevent it from getting lost.

5. Add Shelving to the Unit


Shelving lets you store smaller items more efficiently in a storage unit. You can’t modify the walls in this space, but you can invest in portable shelves that can be placed along the walls. This option works well for fragile items in boxes because you give them more infrastructure to use if something happens.

6. Use Pallets to Stack Boxes


It’s easier to stack boxes vertically when placing them on pallets. Always keep the heaviest ones at the bottom to ensure your tower doesn’t start to lean. This methodology ensures you can get more into one space without risking a fall.

Having the boxes on pallets will keep them off the floor, which means there is less risk of moisture exposure.

Use durable containers that can handle the pressure of being stacked to have the space you want in the storage unit. For example, cardboard can buckle with enough weight, but you can use plastic wrap to bundle items together for extra strength.

7. Use Drawers to Your Advantage

drawers full of staff

Smaller items can be stored in dresser drawers and similar spaces to ensure you have more organization in the storage unit. It’s an excellent spot for valuables and knick-knacks. If you store belongings with significant value, please review the insurance requirements to ensure you have coverage.

An organized storage unit maximizes the value of this investment. It’ll be easier to protect everything while avoiding clutter at home! You can use this resource while moving, especially if unexpected circumstances arise, so your belongings receive the protection they deserve.

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By Published On: January 4, 2023Categories: Moving Tips, Storage