When it is time to move into a new place, it often feels like you’ve got a new beginning to explore. The most difficult part of that process isn’t what you do after arrival.

It’s the effort you take to pack your items so that you can start this new adventure!

If you take the time to plan what you should pack first and last when moving, it’s much easier to avoid procrastination. You’ll also find that it’s much easier to stay organized when the rest of your schedule can feel chaotic.

This guide will show you how to manage the packing process if you plan to do the work yourself. If you need to keep your time free, professional packing services can take care of this chore for you.

Items to Pack First When Moving

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1. Pack all your storage items.

Whatever items you keep in storage should be the first things that get packed when moving. They can be boxes buried in your attic, stuck in your garage, or packed into a storage unit. Since they’re ready to go, it won’t take much effort to prepare them for the moving process.

You’ll want to take the time to organize, sort, purge, and consolidate whenever possible to reduce the number of boxes you need to take on moving day.

2. Box up the out-of-season apparel.

Since your out-of-season clothes are essentially in storage, packing them into a box makes a lot of sense right away when getting ready to move. Some items might be in boxes already! Since it won’t take much time to organize these belongings, it’ll feel like you’re getting a head start on the moving process.

3. Take care of your fine china.

Unless you plan a social gathering right before you move, the fine china doesn’t need to be kept in a cabinet or left on display. You can get it boxed and ready to go without much hassle. Don’t stack your plates when placing them in a box. You’ll find that fewer breakage risks occur when they travel vertically with packing materials around the items.

Please remember to mark this box (and any others) that contain fragile items so that they get handle appropriately when loading the truck.

4. Pack all your books.

If you have an extensive library at home, hundreds of books can be managed in different places. It helps to choose 2-3 titles that you can keep out for reading when you have some time to relax. Everything else can get packed away.

Here’s a pro tip if you have lots of books. It is sometimes cheaper to ship them to your new address using media mail instead of putting them into heavy boxes. If you have any borrowed items, please remember to return them.

5. Your artwork or decorations are ready to get packed.

It can be tricky to pack artwork, but it is also one of the best places to begin when you’re getting ready to move. Since these items are decorations, you won’t need them out as you start this transition. It’s also better to pack them first because you’ll be less likely to leave those boxes behind.

Many families find that prioritizing their photographs for a memory wall is a great way to start turning a house into a home.

What Items Should I Pack Last?

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The items you need constant access to throughout the moving experience are the items you’ll want to pack last. For most households, that means the cleaning supplies are often the last to get boxed up. You’ll want those items to prepare your rental for the next tenant so that you get your security deposit back.

If you own the property, cleaning it can prepare it for the new owners.

Another item to pack last is your prescription medication. Any personal hygiene items, daily meds, and miscellaneous toiletries can get tossed into a container on the day you move. Some households even put those items in a separate bag that stays with them while heading to the new place.

You’ll want to avoid packing your personal identification documents, such as your driver’s license, when moving. Another essential item is your moving inventory list, along with a copy of your lease or contract and whatever paperwork you have from the moving company you hired.

Additional items to pack last include bedding, snacks, phone chargers, and basic tools.

When you follow these plans about what to pack first and last, you’ll discover the moving process can be relatively straightforward. If you need help, our team is standing by to offer our expertise at an affordable rate!

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By Published On: May 18, 2021Categories: Moving Tips, Packing