Some people may be tempted to toss their shoes into random boxes to make sure they arrive at their new home.

When you know how to pack shoes for moving, the time you take to prepare now helps to make the unpacking process less challenging when arriving at your new home. It also reduces the risk of having your shoes receive damage.

Steps to Follow When Packing Shoes

1. Wrap each shoe to protect it.


When your shoes are in a shoebox, wrap each one with a half-piece of packing paper. Giving the shoe this layer of protection helps prevent typical scuffing and rubbing issues during the transportation process.

2. Line the shoebox with paper or packing materials.

Lining the shoebox with more packing paper or other packing material reduces the friction levels that can happen as the shoes move. You may want to line the box’s bottom, place the wrapped shoes on top of that, and add another layer of protective material before securing the lid.

3. Use packing paper to wrap unboxed shoes.

When shoeboxes are not available for the moving process, it works better to wrap pairs of shoes together in a single sheet of packing paper. This step saves you a lot of time upon arrival because you aren’t tracking down individual shoes that got lost. If your shoes have laces, you can tie them so that there is another protection level against loss.

Once you have the paper wrapped around the shoes, use some packing tape to secure the material. Take care so that the adhesive doesn’t come into contact with the shoe’s surface to avoid potential damage.

4. Fill gaps in the shoe with paper.

Do you remember the wads of paper in the toe of the shoe when you went shopping for them? Replicating that process for the moving experience helps to guard against compression and damage. Adding material into the toe and midsection helps the shoe keep its shape, helping each one stay comfortable when you are ready to start wearing them again.

5. Secure the shoes in the box.

It works best to fill in any gaps remaining in the shoebox with crumpled paper. You could use plastic bags, bubble wrap, or other plastics for this step, although the material’s odors can transfer to the shoes during the move. A sensible solution for those who don’t want to use all of their packing paper to secure boots or shoes is to use biodegradable peanuts.

The best biodegradable products are made from non-toxic natural sources, such as cornstarch or ground wheat. Once you get to your new home, you could throw the packing materials into your compost pile.

6. Place a moisture-capturing product in the box.

Unless you haven’t worn the shoes in the past couple of months, there is an excellent chance that your footwear contains moisture. Your feet sweat through those socks, causing the liquid to go into the lining of the shoe. It may even get into the leather.

If you leave your shoes packed for a couple of weeks, that moisture can lead to mold or mildew development. You may want to powder the inside of each shoe before sealing the box to prevent this issue. Another option is to reuse the old silica gel packets that come with several products today.

7. Label the container.

If you leave each shoebox to pack individually, it may not be necessary to label each container. When all of your shoes go into a single box to load, labeling reduces the risk of unintended damage. You’ll also know where your footwear is located during the unpacking process!

One More Idea for Packing Shoes

Many shoes have patent finishes or ornaments that require attention to avoid experiencing accidental damage when moving. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this goal is to use a closet door shoe hanger to protect your investment. This storage solution keeps you organized while the footwear stays in place while in transit.

Packing shoes can take a little extra time, but it is worth the effort! Professional packing services can help you to manage this task efficiently without a significant additional charge. You can also follow these steps to move your favorite shoes when finding a new home successfully.

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By Published On: June 26, 2020Categories: Moving Tips, Packing